Friday, August 1, 2008


Thank you for your interest in advertising on Homebody! I have been blogging since September 2008, and have a steady readership.  My followers, pageviews and visits per month continue to increase.  I use Facebook and Twitter to increase the blog's exposure.

Homebody's tagline is "frugal homemaker, amateur decorator, thrift store addict".  My posts generally focus on topics within that realm, including DIY projects and how to live well without spending a lot of money.  If your blog or business would be of interest to mainly female readers who like to decorate their homes, do crafty projects, or basically anything having to do with home or family, then we may be a good match. Of course, personal pampering products like jewelry are always popular as well!

I have found that women who read blogs are very interested in supporting other women, and would prefer to buy products and gifts from them rather than from the big box stores.  But they can't buy from you if they don't know you're out there!

My rate for a 125x125 button is $10 per month or $25 for three-month blocks.   The ads will appear at the top of the right-hand column.  In addition, you will receive a post of introduction, and I do a monthly post highlighting all my sponsors (beginning Feb '11).  You will need to provide a static (no flashing or blinking, please) 125x125 button. I also encourage you to provide a small giveaway for my readers ($20-40 value).

Other options:

  • sponsor a single post $5 (your ad/link at the top of the post)
  • giveaway from a non-advertiser $7 (you provide the giveaway, I post, tweet and FB about it, and have entrants visit your site) 

Please contact me at for more information or to set up an advertising agreement.

Statistics:  Since Jan. 1, 2011 (through Feb. 28), Homebody has had:

  • 33, 217 visits
  • 16, 495 absolute unique visitors
  • 63, 821 page views

"Just want to encourage others to advertise on your blog. I have gotten lots of click throughs from my sidebar ad. Holly has great readers!"
                                      Gina from Moneywise Moms