Thursday, January 7, 2010

Up to My Old Tricks Again

Can you stand another post about a repurposed thrift store sweater?  I hope so, ’cause it’s comin’ at ya.

You may have noticed that the country is being hit by a cold snap.  I am currently wearing 4 layers of clothing and a hat…in the house… and I’m just comfortable. 

Our dog Lila is cold-blooded, I’m convinced.  When I saw her sitting on the kitchen floor this morning, shivering like a leaf in the wind, I decided she needed a sweater.  We’ve tried coats for her in the past, but she’s not too bright in some ways, and stands frozen like a statue when we put one on her, chained by her own mind.

I looked at Walmart this morning when I was there stocking up for tonight’s big storm.  You know there’s always a run on milk and bread when snow is forecast.  They were out of dog sweaters bigger than teacup.

That’s when it hit me, I’ve got a box full of thrift store sweaters at home.  I’ll just make one!  I picked one that had already been felted:


Cut the sleeves off, turned it inside out, and marked my sewing lines with chalk:


Sewed a seam down each side, cut a piece out of the underside for the “business end” and slits for her front legs:

dogsweater he looks so sad!

I didn’t get fancy and finish the edges or anything like that, because for my dog, good enough is, well,  good enough.  She’s actually been wearing it all evening with no complaints and is moving freely!


In other related news, puppy Sophie went to the vet today to get “tutored”, if you catch my drift.  She’s looking kinda dopey herself.

Keep warm, my friends!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Holly, that is the cutest darned thing I've ever seen! She looks stylish, happy, and warm!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Holly...
Sweetie, I love your babies. I have my little Boston Terrier too. I have had him for 6 years. He is just the sweetest thing ever. He does not know he is a D-O-G, that is what the kids and grandkids say about him. He is spoiled rotten and has to be covered in his bed with a blanket at night. The are the best critters.

Stop by and look on my scrollbar and you will see my Bruiser. Lila has a face a lot like Bruiser.

Love the sweater recycle idea and maybe Bruiser would like a sweater for the cooler morning we have been having. Living here in Phoenix there aren't many mornings he needs one, but he might like one.

I'll keep you posted, and thanks for the tip sweetie.

Country hugs...Sherry

Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" said...

How cute is that!! While at our thrift store the other day, I came across a cute child's cable knit sweater but couldn't remmeber what you used them for, or even what size I'd need! Besides, our prices are not "cheap" here, they probably wanted $5 for it, I forget. Then I was trying to find milk glass (the pretty white glasses you have there ---> ), no luck. ever. *sigh

Anonymous said...

Your little dogs are so cute. And of course your cats - how is your little white cat doing now that she is safely back to food, warmth and shelter?

Pam said...

I love your sweater posts! This is absolutely adorable! I bet she is one happy camper right now. I would love to make one of these for my dog. She has short hair, too. I just don't think I could find a sweater that would be long enough to fit her torso.

Country Dreaming said...

Very cute! All dogs should have a specially made sweater for them! :)

Stay warm and toasty!


Ali said...

Oh how very sweet! She is adorable, great job with the sweater =) I hope you stay warm & cozy, it just started snowing here a couple hours ago. I can't WAIT for spring!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Did you get that "tutored" quote from a Far Side cartoon? :) I remember that one.

LOVE the sweater! Our mini-dachshund, Beau, used to wear sweaters all winter and he loved them. :)

Kristen @ ThingsToLearnAtHome said...

Holy Cats! I am in love with your dogs, but I am so raiding my dad's closet for sweaters.

I have a St.Bernard and he's the only one even CLOSE to having a sweater large enough. Even though he's made for snow, he is a wuss-dog. Wish me luck!

Paige said...

Too cute!!!! I wish I had your sewing skills!

Denise Marie said...

Holly, how awesome are all your sweater re-purposes. I love them all. Are you gonna do Homebody Holly in 2010?