Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bedroom, Before and After

Our master bedroom is still a work in progress, but we have accomplished quite a bit, and I’m enjoying what we’ve done so far.
Here is the before:  builder beige walls, old beat up bed, garage sale lamps purchased in 1998, tired four-year-old quilt.
 After:  Behr Ultra Burnished Metal on walls, new “adult” lamps from JC Penney, new duvet cover, IKEA pillows, bye-bye bed.  Also, much less clutter.  One of the first things my sisters did was help me sort through all the extra stuff in my bedroom.  I didn’t even show you the stacks of magazines and books and baskets full of clean laundry that were there before!
 Before:  no window treatment, awkwardly placed mismatched chair.
After:  new IKEA curtains and rod, chair moved.
Wendy recovered the chair for me, and we moved it to the other side of the room, where a cluttered old bookcase used to be.  We had a hard time finding fabric in the right color gray; this was the best we could find.  It has a little too much green in it (though I think this picture exaggerates it).  It’s still a vast improvement.
I have another element that I’m working on and hope to have done in a day or two.  After that, I need a headboard, a new bedskirt, artwork, a bench or something better scaled to the end of the bed….
In the mean time, we’ll enjoy our new clutter free retreat!


Paula said...

It looks great! I love the changes that you made.

LuLu said...

So soothing!!! looks wonderful,

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

The colors are incredibly calming, and I simply adore the new bedding. Great job chicky!

Richella said...

It's looking really good! How wonderful to have your sisters there to help you with all these projects. Everything is coming together really nicely.

I made upholstered headboards for my guest room beds--very cheap and quite pretty, I think. Let me know if you'd like the link to the post I wrote about them.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I like it! Your new duvet is pretty! Great job! Send your sisters my way anytime.

Nancy said...

Looks great! I like the wall color and the lamps.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Looks fantastic, Holly! I love the new bedding and the pretty lamps!! Your room is much cleaner than mine. ;)

If you have a chance, stop by the blog today b/c I have a Custom Blog Button Giveaway going on. :)

Lucy Marie said...

It looks great. I love love love the duvet cover.

Shug said...

Great new look. You did very good. Always nice to have a refreshing lift in the master bedroom.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

What a beautiful makeover! I absolutely love it!
Have a pretty day!