Monday, July 6, 2009

Lighten Up

I hope you all had a fun Fourth! Our day was rainy, but we still managed to get in some sparklers and fireworks.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my house and the overall look I want it to have. We’ve done some decorating and painting here and there since we moved in a little over a year ago, but there’s a long way to go. And so far, I don’t feel like it’s really coming together satisfactorily. (I can just hear Craig inwardly groaning as he reads this—more work!)

My likes have changed over the years, and recently I’ve become aware of them taking another turn. I used to really be drawn to rich, darker colors but have been moving away from that in the last few years. Even more so lately, I feel like I want my house to be lighter and brighter. I’m not sure if I would go so far as to decorate totally in white, but it does catch my eye.

white rm bhg

I like the lightness and brightness of this one (below), but it’s a little too clutter-y for my taste. All the purposeful clutter would compete with my accidental clutter/mess/junk.


Country Living

A white bedroom looks soothing and relaxing.whitebdrm


I want to do more searching for inspiration photos, because at the end of the month, my personal decorators will be here for a week. I try to get their input every time I move, and it has been invaluable. The best thing is, they’re free! Yep, it’s a Sisters Get-together! I’m so excited! Fun times ahead!


Carmen said...

My tastes have changed too. The last house I lived in, I had painted the living room a dark pumpkin color. The bathroom was a dark plum. You get the picture. hehe But now I am all about lighter, brighter, neutral.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi Holly.
I too find my tastes changing to a much lighter palette. While I adore all white in photos, I know that the reality would be a hot mess in my real life house.
The rality is that we live in the country. Lots of dirt. Lots of mud. Lots of dust, hair, blah, blah, blah!
I do love looking, though.
Good luck with your re-do's. I can't wait to see the efforts.

mrosev14 said...

My taste has changed in the exact way your taste has. I love(d) dark mahogany wood and that is the color of almost all my wood stuff throughout the house but now I want things white...that creates a definite dilemma. I will slowly transform things throughout the house, I think that is the best way to do it. :)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I just recently wrote a post on this same thought. I love the white rooms, but I definitely still am a color girl and will add pop's here and there. I can't wait to see what you and your sisters create! Have a fun decorating party!!

Hugs to you,

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

My tastes have definitely changed from when T and I were first married. Unfortunately, they still reflect my earlier tastes. ;) I love your inspirational photos...I like the "light" look, but I think it would get trashed in my house.

dixie said...

I jealous! Wish they were my sisters!!!

Gwen said...

Mine tastes have changed too, but they went the opposite way, from light to dark.

I love the white look. Black dog plus white look equals eww though!

Lee Laurie said...

My tastes have been changing too. I use to love the jewel tone colors and now I am liking the light pastel colors and whites. I love shabby chic decor. The light colors make the rooms look larger too.

Cass @ That Old House said...

My tastes change all the time-- but all white? Never been a fan of that -- too hard to live with. I don't believe the women who say "oh you just POP the slipcovers in the wash and the KoolAid comes right out!"

I've decorated 7 houses in 30 years -- all different -- and some dictate how they WANT to be decorated. See what moves you in magazines/books, and then take one room and go from there. Have fun!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love the white look but am and always be a COLOR person....Enjoyed your post....Funny how our looks change over the years.

Kelly said...

Lucky you with the decorator coming. It's so funny you mention this, because just the other day I was thinking I'd sure like to go lighter on my walls. Weird because in 1994 when we built our house, all our walls were white! Tastes change and we have to keep up, I guess.

Christina said...

My tastes are getting lighter too. I think the fact that we live in a small house has made me go that way too.

Love your inspiration pictures. Love sister get togethers too. I have three sisters and we just have so much fun together. Look forward to seeing things as you go along.

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Hey, me too! My living room in my last house was very "warm" (golden walls, red an brown accents). Here at our new house, we have so many more windows, and the house feels more connected to outside, that I want to move toward lighter and more neutral colours. But my tastes were changing even before we moved...the last room I decorated there had stark-white walls, simply to challenge myself in decorating...I ended up loving the result, and now I want the same feel in this house!

Jenny said...

That will be so fun to have your sisters come help you!

My tastes have changed as well. I know I could never do white, since we have 2 cats, but it is pretty.

Finding Home said...

I just had a sister decorating get-together this weekend. They really are so fun! We totally revamped my sisters kitchen and living room.

I wanted to let you know that I got the package you sent yesterday. I was so incredibly excited!!! Thank you so so much!!! I can't wait to put the goodies in my house. Thank you again!

gina said...

Have fun with your sisters- I dream of an all white vacation home by the coast someday. Til then I'll feast on the eye candy- pics like the ones you posted.

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Hi Holly, thanks for stopping by and checking out my re-finished dining table. Have faith in yourself and just go for when it come to working on your table. I'm sure it will come out great and I hope my tutorial will encourage you to try something different. Best of luck, Ash