Friday, October 9, 2009

This ’n That

Dad left yesterday afternoon; we had a nice visit, and he and Craig did a big project for me that I’ve really been needing to have done. There’s one final step that I’m hoping Craig will finish over the weekend, and then I’ll reveal it.

IMG_4135 Firstborn and my dad at Panera

I still found time to shop craigslist, and ended up with this chair for $20.

IMG_4139 It needs a little work, like another coat of paint and redoing the seat, but it’s heavy and sturdy.


I love the curvy lines, the caning, and the acorn finials. I’m thinking the chair’s ultimate destination will be my bedroom.

Have a great weekend!


Annette said...

That is a great looking chair! Great find!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Luuuuuv your new chair!! So glad you had fun with your dad. I like the Panera shot. That's where we always go with my mom. :)

Sherri S said...

Nice that you had a visit with your dad! Love the chair.

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi Holly.
So glad to hear that you had some good family time. How great is it to have an extra set of helpful hands once in awhile?!

I could use some for my DR, actually. lol.


P.S. That chair is FAN-TAS-TIC!!

Country Dreaming said...

Cool chair! $20 Wow.

Good Job.


marmielu said...

I like the chair!
Mary Lou