Friday, October 16, 2009

Total Overhaul

Today I became quite…intimate… with my seam ripper. It was a rocky relationship; tempers flared. But in the end, we were able to pull it off.

I totally started over on my felted wool bag.

I liked it, but I knew I wouldn’t use it because the straps were way too bulky. I wasn’t quite sure where I was going, but I knew the straps had to come off. I cut pieces off, I ripped out seams, I sewed new ones.

And ripped the new ones out again, and sewed them up again. My sewing machine is having tension issues. If you sew, you know that bad tension can really mess things up. And in turn, give you tension issues, like screaming and slamming things down in disgust.

But I digress. I turned the two straps into one long one. I made a lining out of scraps of drop cloth. When I was, at last, finished, I decided that I needed some closure.

No, not the kind you get by burning your ex-boyfriend’s love letters, although there were moments when I definitely considered doing the equivalent to my sewing machine. Whatever that would be.

What I needed was a button. At the antique mall last Saturday, I bought two bags of vintage buttons. I found one that worked, sewed it on, and made a little strap to button up the bag.

And here’s the finished product:


I think the butterscotch-colored button adds a little pizzazz. And look, I even have a pocket for my cell phone!


Okay, so the inside’s not too pretty. I still have a little clean-up to do on dangling threads. But it’s functional, and I really like the outside, and I will definitely use this second reincarnation of the wool sweater, which was the whole point in the first place.

Oh, and here’s a tip for you from Dixie. Shaving your felted wool will greatly reduce the fuzzies.IMG_4217


Anna said...

it turned out good. I like the little button detail and the cell phone pocket!

Pam said...

This version is even better than the first! I love the lining and am glad you finally got some closure. Ha!

Lucy Marie said...

Love it!!

dixie said...

It looks wonderful!! Love the redesign. Shaving it is a good thing, huh? I want to make a little felted bag for Chloe for Christmas and now I am thinking I should try a sweater version rather than a me knitting it version.

TRICIA @ The Zoo said...

Hi there girlie!
I love the liner that you added to the bag. I'll send you my address. K?! Christmas is just around the corner, you know. ;)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I like this version even better! :) I love how you have pockets inside, and the button closure is too cute.

I would LOVE to have you as a neighbor. We could do crafty stuff together and you could laugh at all the stuff my kids do to me. ;)

Christina said...

Wow, even better now. Love the button too. Adds the perfect touch.
Love the color contrast!

Sarah said...

Because of the thickness of the felt you might find that a walking foot eases your thread tension problems.

marmielu said...

I'm glad you're happier with it. No sense in making it and not using it. I like the button, too. My sincere sympathy on the tension issues - the sewing machine kind. I can relate.
Mary Lou

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Thanks for the shaving tip! I have a feeling this tip will change my life.


gina said...

Oh, I totally want one of these for fall/winter. I'm still toting my big, white leather bag from summer. I love the pockets inside... I am always searching for my cell and never seem to find it before it goes to voicemail.

Resweater said...

Your bag looks great! I love the pattern of the sweater, and the button really does make it look fabulous!

queenymom52 said...

I just saw the little shaver and I realized that I have some of those saved up for a rainy day. Although it is not rainy out side, I have a real soft throw that, (after washing) has developed fuzzies all over it. I'm going to try using the little shavers for it. Thank you for the great idea.