Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun at Goodwill

Wow!  I really hit a nerve with yesterday’s post!  Let me just say, though, that I still love to look at the magazines and get ideas.  And really, if they were full of houses that looked like mine, or let’s just say the average American’s, I don’t think I’d be nearly as impressed.

They deliver what we expect:  beautiful, staged homes.  It’s like a builder’s display homes, the best of the best.  Everybody knows you don’t really live that way.  Just spare me the outrageously pretentious homeowner quotes!

Now, on with today’s post.  Yesterday I went to Goodwill and took my camera so we could have a little fun.  It wasn’t a great day at GW, but I found a few laughable items.

IMG_4393 This interesting item was approximately 12” long.  It’s missing a band around the middle.  It says “made in the USSR” so for all I know that may have made it worth something.  GW wants $20 for it.  I’ll pass (I would have passed at $1!).

IMG_4391This is just your average cheese dome.  I often get them for a buck or maybe two at other thrift stores.  GW usually has them priced at $3-4.  This one is priced at $6.  Don’t ever pay $6 for a cheese dome.  There’s at least one in every thrift store you go to, and in my opinion, $2 is the most you should pay.

This particular GW seems to have the biggest reality problem with “art”.  It’s so way overpriced.

This little piece (about 8” square) really wasn’t terrible, but the price, $12, was way out of line.IMG_4394

They had $20 on this 8x10 foil number!IMG_4395

This mauve and country blue 3-D “art” piece was $50!  Wow.  Now the little paint-by-number below it was only $3, and I know people collect those.  It’s kinda kitchy-cool.IMG_4396

This was my segue to reminding everyone that tomorrow is Thrift Store Thursday.  Link up with your second-hand finds and join the party!  You know, you could even link up with a post like this, ridiculously overpriced thrift store items!  I’ll try to have the post up by late this evening.


Christina said...

I plan on being over here tomorrow for Thrift Store Thursday---I hope. : )

I'm with you on the prices at GW. That barrel thing is awful. $20????

I also agree on the quotes like that in magazines. It doesn't stop me from buying them or gleaning from them, but I do often think the same thing when I see the snotty quotes.

I love bargains and would even if there was money to burn. Sure, there are some things that would be splurged on, but still.

I noticed that someone mentioned clothes in the comments below. Recently there was a "copy this look" article in a magazine at the doctor's office. It was some celebrity in thousands dollars worth of casual clothing and shoes. The copy cat outfit was something like $372.00. ?????? Really? That sounds like a fortune to me.

Brittany said...

i can't believe you didn't buy that foil print! haha

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Our Goodwill is getting like that too. You used to be able to find great bargains, but now everything is $3 and up. And I mean for junk! I sure don't understand, because isn't everything donated???? You kind of have to keep that in mind.


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I visited our local Salvation Army store yesterday. I don't get by there very often since they moved to the other side of town and I was excited to see what they had. Imagine my disappointment at the prices! Whoever was setting them most have been smoking crack!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Our GW is overpriced too. I end up just rolling my eyes when I walk through. Our Salvation Army tends to have better prices, or will at least sometimes let you haggle on furniture....

Anna said...

I actually found some bargains at the goodwill this week - including a small stoneware baker (Pampered Chef) for $1.99.
It is annoying though when you see junk that could have come from the dollar store for a lot more!

kay said...

westport, ct is the most expensive good will i've ever seen, and filled with "stuff" from the christmas tree shoppe, which was cheaper new! it's a joke.

Anonymous said...

My local Goodwill is way off base as well. I've gotten Southern Living at HOME pieces , brand new Christmas items, and and some At HOME interiors stuff pretty cheap. Then I'll see items from a dollar store marked $1.91???

Heather said...

I can't believe how over priced your GW is! I'm spoiled- we have a regular GW, and right next to it, an AS-IS center, which is like a clearance center. It draws in unsold items from 15 near-by Goodwill's- nothing is over $3.29! Nothing! It could have been $100 at the regular GW, and it'll be marked down to just $3.29 at the AS-IS center. I love it!

My Frugal Family

Holly said...

I read about all these people getting great deals at goodwill and was so jealous...our goodwill is way overpriced for many items...but I love it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I was just at our GW the other day and was surprised at the cost of the "art". Sometimes I will find really good buys and then I will wonder what they were thinking. I'm wondering if it because different people price stuff. I know you go to some garage sales and the stuff will be outrageously priced. The owner justifies it by telling you how much they paid for it. They just don't "get" garage sale pricing. Maybe different employees price stuff at GW and there is no set standard of how they do it. Just a thought.

Great blog!