Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday-11/05

First of all I should say that I have forgotten what all I got at thrift stores in the past month! That either means that they’ve been integrated into to daily use so well that I don’t think anything of it, or that it’s shoved in a closet somewhere. Probably some of both.

Never fear, though. I have plenty to show you. The same day I found my perfect table, I got this cute little cafe cart for $7. I’m currently testing it out in my master bath, where, I must say, it looks pretty cute.


I got this coffee table from a craigslist ad for $30, to replace the one from Ikea (I love Ikea!; it was just getting banged up). I like the plank top and the openness of the bottom shelf, so you can still see floor and it takes up less space visually.IMG_4409

Just in the last few days I’ve decided to start collecting a few vintagy-y mirrors for something I have in mind. I paid less than $1 for the middle one, and the other 2 were right about $6/ea. The one on the right I think really is old; it has a very pretty frame and beveled edges.IMG_4414

Just this morning (Wed.) I really hit the jackpot at my consignment store outlet. Clockwise from back left: 2 fair isle wool sweaters for felting, pink cable knit Ralph Lauren sweater either for me or to felt, brown Dockers pants, Ann Taylor tan corduroy pants, really pretty sport coat for Craig, soup tureen, 2 pairs of real suede pants to repurpose, argyle sweater w/ collar, Old Navy t-shirt with crown design, Target long sleeve t-shirt. Total: $17.


And, I went to United Volunteers for 25% off everything. I got this pair of Gap pants, the large letter A, the ceramic sled for Dixie, who has recently started a collection, the skinny mirror above, plus 2 binders for Firstborn. With the discount, the total was $7.20.

But wait! It was also Wild Card Wednesday; draw a joker from a pack of cards and get $5 off your purchase. Which I did, so my final cost for all these things was $2.20!IMG_4420

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dixie said...

What a cool sled!! Thank you!! I got an American Girl book for you for Ellie today at GoodWill. It's Happy Birthday Addy and I don't think you have any of those. Thanks for my sled!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Wow you made out like a bandit!!

I have found a new store here that I want to blog about but I haven't yet.


Carmen said...

You found some great things. I love that coffee table!

Stacey said...

Hello, I am new to your blog!!!
I LOVE THIS IDEA:) I would LOVE to come back next week & join in with my thrift store finds.

You found a lot of great things~That cart is really cute!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Great finds!!! Don't you just love thrifting? I do!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Miss Obara said...

I LOVE this is the blog for me!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

That coffee table is in great shape--what a bargain!

Cindy said...

Wowsers! What a load of goodness you found...I love that coffee table to pieces. :o)

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

You did so good! I never have any luck with Craigslist! I love that your coffee table has storage underneath!


Rebekah said...

$2.50? I am SO impressed. That kind of deal would have me walking on air for days! :)

Sherri S said...

AWESOME deals! Love that soup tureen. I'm itching for my weekly visit. LOL

Pat & Ron Harris said...

i love your Thrift Store Thursdays. Thank you so much for letting us share with each other. Isn't it fun, it's like show and tell days at school. Thank you too, for visiting junkblossoms. Your idea for using the clamps as displays for small items is a great idea.

Shannon said...

You found some great things! I have that crown Tshirt from Old Navy. :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You did great! :) I love the little sleigh in the last picture. You really have some good buys. The cafe cart looks fab in your bathroom. Wish I had room for one in mine! :)

Christina said...

The rolling cart is my very favorite. I'm in love with it and love it in the bathroom.

Great coffee too.

I finally got my link up. Always fun to join the party.

Anna said...

you got some great deals. I bought a similar coffee table a month or so ago at a garage sale for $5 - mine is not in such good shape as yours though, it's sitting in the garage at the moment until I figure out if I'm going to stain the top darker or paint the top.
I just made a post and put my link up.

Deborah said...

I just put up my post and link to your Thrifty Mr Linky. Missed being on your list so I'll post my link here.

Have a great fall weekend

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

The cart looks fabulous!!


Erin said...

I'm so glad you're still doing Thrift Store Thursday. I fully intend to participate soon. I would have this last week, but didn't get a chance to get online at all. I have some great treasures (in my own eyes) to talk about. Thanks for hosting!

Holly said...

I just stumbled across your place and am so excited. I just went to the store at our dump (which is awesome and scored today). Thrifting and blogging...big trouble and lots of fun.
504 Main

Terry said...

I am a thrift store junkie like you and have gotten some cool things, but I am confused about your party. You don't have an area at the bottom of your post to link to like the other parties. They all then show links on your blog that toggle back to the owners blog. Terry