Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Book Depot

Nearly everyone in my family is a book maniac to some degree.  When we are together, we usually end up at some type of bookstore, especially us sisters.  Laurie happens to have the best bookstore ever not far from home.

The Book Depot is a converted factory.  It looks cool on the outside...

...and on the inside is row upon row of discounted books.

Every kind and genre of book imaginable is available, all at bargain prices.  Below is just a small section of the home/decorating section.

There's a large section of deeply discounted books, and as it happened, the week we were there those books were even further marked down to just $2 each.
These were my $2 purchases; I wish I had thought to get several of the cookbooks to keep on hand for wedding gifts.

The kids each got several big hardcover coffee-table type books on topics such as the sea, skyscrapers, and dogs.  I'd estimate that we got $200-300 worth of books for about $20.

If you're a book lover, and you're ever in the Niagara region, be sure to visit The Book Depot.  If you'd like to shop the Book Depot online, you can do that too.


Pam said...

Can you hear my heart racing at the sight of those awesome photos? That's the largest book store I've ever seen. I could totally get lost in there.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I think I would LOVE that place!! What amazing deals. I know Borders isn't discount, but I am so going to miss ours when it closes. There's not a whole lot left there, but they have some good deals with their close-outs.

The Cannary's said...

This place looks like Half Price Books in Austin. A fun way to spend a hot summer afternoon. I love cookbooks - they DO make good gifts. (:

Country Dreaming said...

Oh my gosh----I would be in heaven!!!! It's a good thing we don't have one BUT i will be checking the online store! I probably could get into trouble with this though. :)


Sweet Tea said...

I could proably send Mister there for vacation and he would LOVE it! You're lucky to live so near.