Thursday, August 25, 2011

Design Star Debacle 2011

 It seems to happen every year.  There's at least one Design Star episode that has such phenomenal failures that it makes you wonder if it was a set-up.  Last year it was the Trump Tower mess.  At least The Donald could afford to redo the apartments.

This year the designers each had a room/rooms to redo in a home a large single family home.  The family had recently moved in, so while it had the previous owners' paint colors, it was basically a blank slate.

The two most glaring bombs were the children's rooms.

Leslie was given 2 yr old Kyan's room.  His parents said he loves to perform and turn lights on and off.  Leslie decided to go with a theater theme.

Perhaps the home owners chose the brownish-eggplant color of the carpet, because it's also in the other boy's room. However it got there, I personally don't care for Leslie's choice of paint colors with that carpet, but maybe it looks better in person.  Also notice how the letters of Kyan's name are hung unevenly.  Nope, it's not an optical illusion.

Below is the stage area that Leslie created.  The curtains hang on a hula-hoop.  Not a bad DIY idea, but not great for someone who's a professional.  I'm also not sure how well it's going to hold up to a two year old.

Overall, the room just looked like a mess, cluttered and kind of disjointed.

Kellie got Mason's room.  Mason is about 6 years old, and had two requests:  bunk beds, and lockers.

Later, Kellie remarked that Mason wanted a "sports room, her worst nightmare" (Mason didn't actually say "sports" unless it was off camera).  She decided to go with a non-literal interpretation of that.

For some unfathomable reason, she really didn't want bunk beds.  Instead, she had her carpenter make a mini-loft bed.  Honestly, I think even I could have screwed together some two-by-fours in this manner.  Not only was the bed not what he wanted, it wasn't even particularly nice.

It had a teeny-tiny play area underneath.  Kellie told Mason it was a "hidey-hole".  I'm not sure even a six year old could sit up underneath there.

She also was not on board with the request for lockers, and this is how she interpreted the idea:
some crates from Pottery Barn mounted on the wall with hooks underneath for "his jersey or whatever".  Now, you know that I like PB, but it seems like kind of an unimaginative place for
 a designer to shop, since they have access to all kinds places the general public doesn't.  Not to mention all the cool non-chain stores in NYC at her disposal.

Up until this point, I have liked Kellie for the most part, but I really was dismayed with her this week.  Not only did she blatantly ignore her client's requests, she actually seemed disdainful of his desires.  She herself is the mother of boys, and I would have expected her to be more in tune with this little boy.  You could tell that he was disappointed at the reveal.

One more comment about this season of Design Star...
I find Tanika Ray's manner of speaking very annoying.  It's totally overdone and unnatural, like a bad actress.
Bring Back Clive!!


Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said...

I absolutely agree with all of what you said! That host has the goofiest way of's funny how David comes to give tips about how to talk and yet she's awful! I am surprised those two ladies are in the top four, too! The one guy who did the dining room is my pick for the winner! I don't even know his name...but I like his stuff!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Amanda said...

I've never seen the program, but the photos you've shown don't look nice at all! Designers should always listen and take into account the clients wishes, regardless of their personal taste. I've seen children's bedrooms revamped on blogs that could wipe the floor with these two rooms!

Suzan said...

I could not agree more! I think the judges made a good choice in sending Leslie home. I like Kelly and I really didn't understand why she thought a sports theme room would be so difficult. And Tanika - pretty woman, horrible host. I like Meg but the girl has GOT to stop crying! (In my opinion, Karl needs to go next.)

Paula said...

The loft bed looks downright dangerous to me with no rails. The loft that I had in college had rails and had a lot more room under it than the one Kelly created. I didn't get why she thought lockers were so bad??

Sandra said...

That host gets on my nerves so bad! Also, I was so glad to see bug-eyes (wasn't her name Cathy?) go last week. She was so obnoxious.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Yes! Tanika drives me nuts. Sometimes I sit there and repeat her lines back, just to make sure I'm not crazy. She really does sound "over-done."

The rooms were awful. I was so disappointed with Kellie. I think that you could have easily done some neat METAL lockers and made it look cool. And what would have been any different with a REAL loft bed??! But I think hers was better designed than Leslie's, which was really disjointed.

I kind of wish they'd give the designers more time to work. I realize that the time crunch adds to the drama, but I'd rather them tack a few hours on and give us some better designs.

Cheryl said...

Oh I agree with everything you said. Those rooms were a hot mess! Both of the women should have left. I wonder if the clients will go and redo the rooms. And yes the host ugh where did she come from anyway lol
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

chinamommy said...

i would CRY if i came home to that!!!!! Honestly, they are AWFUL!! My daughter and i love to watch those design shows :)

Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful said...

OMG...I totally agree about Tamika. It's way too rehearsed and just weird.

I was totally disappointed with Kelly and Meg this week. First, the loft bed should have been much higher so someone could actually fit under there and the "lockers" were just awful.

I don't know why Meg didn't really have time to complete anything. All she really did was hang those lanterns (crooked) and place a few pieces of furniture.

I hope HGTV'd went back and fixed those rooms for those people (not Karl's and Mark's rooms, but all the others).

The Cannary's said...

I don't watch that show, but I gotta say those are the ugliest two kids rooms ever. A designer did those? Heck, I could be making a fortune! ha ha, JK. But I do listen to what my kids want and try not to come up with a weird version they don't...

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I agree, I look at those rooms and say, argh, I know I could do better~! And yes, I miss Clive as well.

alanna rose said...

I agree 100%, especially about Tanika, I'm not a fan.

I'm was thinking abut blogging how I would have done the kids' rooms, simply because they were so awful.

Richella said...

I've never watched Design Star, but honestly those rooms don't look too good! This is supposed to be the work of professional designers? Hard to believe. And I really CAN'T believe that the second designer ignored the client's wishes and refused to do bunk beds or lockers. What in the world?

As for your call to bring back Clive, I'd say his presence is a definite plus on any design show! I really like him.

Country Dreaming said...

That was an interesting show.
What happened to the communication?

She also needs a new hairstyle.


Kaci said...

You should read Kelli's blog, she explained the bunk bed and locker situation pretty well, there is so much that gets cut. I agree that she should have bought bunk beds, but there is so much more that is out of their control.

Southern Fried Gal said...

I agree with your commentary here. I was really pulling for Kelli. I hope HGTV went in and redid a few things. Tonight was equally shocking to me.

FrouFrouBritches said...

YIKES! I missed it, but I'm happy you did this recap. I couldn't agree more with you. Those paint colors are awful in the first room. ICK! I liked Kelly at first, but I HATE it when the don't listen to what their clients want. How old was the boy who wanted the bunk bed? 6? Um, there are no rails around that bed. Looks like a trip to the emergency room is in the future for that kid. Not good!

Raise Them Up said...

I've never seen the show, either. However, from the pictures you share, I feel badly for the kiddos. I agree with your observations.

wall graphics said...

I love the eggplant carpet. It accents the pieces that is harmonious rather than contrasting. I've never seen the program, but the photos you've shown look nice. Definitely, I'm going to watch that program.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

We don't have that program over here - but now I'm wishing I did so that I could shout at the telly for exactly the reasons you say!!

The writing above the bed DOES look wonky - I can't believe they didn't get that right.

And hidey-hole? Hmmmm.....

Loved this post!