Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tiny Houses

Hello, friends!  I'm still here.  I was just taking a little break.  I was virtually computerless for a week, but also I didn't feel like I had anything to say.  I guess, just like in my real life, I needed some alone time.  Can I just say how liberating it is to me that I'm no longer trying to run my blog as a business?

So, did you catch Design Star this week?  I thought this was a really fun challenge, one of the best on the show ever (speaking about the challenge concept, not necessarily the designers' results).  Each of the remaining three designers had to completely outfit and decorate a tiny house.

Not just a run-of-the-mill small house, but a Tumbleweed Tiny House.  These little houses are meant to be part of the simple, green living movement.  Some of them are mobile and can be pulled by a truck.  The larger ones (still under 1000 sq ft) are to be built on a foundation.

The show used the Beavan model, which the website says is 99 sq ft.

The inside started out as a plain box.

Inside, the designers had to include a kitchen, bathroom and closet, and spaces for eating, lounging, and sleeping.  

Meg put the closet and bathroom on either side of the door, to create a sense of entry, and to leave the rest of the house wide open.  I thought that was a wise move.  All three put the mattress in a loft over the door, as you can see in Meg's house below (although I think Meg's loft is quite a bit smaller than the other two).

A word about the bathrooms:  as you can see there isn't room for anything in there other than a toilet.  They didn't mention it on the show, but the website says that in the smaller houses, the bathroom is the shower; it's called a "wet bath".  Essentially, it's like having a toilet in your shower stall.

Mark and Karl both put the closet and/or bathroom in the middle of the room, dividing it up in to different spaces.  It did give it a cozy look, but at 99 sq ft, I'm not sure it needed more coziness.

In the end, Mark was sent home, mainly because of his paint and leather belt "argyle" treatment on the walls.

Design Star aside, what do you think of the Tiny House movement?  I think they're super cute and might make a fun weekend cottage, but no way would I want to live in one full-time.  As a matter of fact, if I'm ever so fortunate as to own a cottage, I would like it to be big enough for my kids and (future) grandkids to all gather together.

There is something sweet and idyllic about them.

The Zinn, 99 sq ft

The Gifford, 99 sq ft

The Epu, 89 sq ft

The Whidbey, 461-557 sq ft


Mandy said...

I think they are adorable. If I was single and watching expenses I think I could mmaaayyybbeee live in one. But NO WAY could me and hubby co-exist in 100 sqft. Also, I would miss my bath tub. The money I would spend going to the spa would off set my savings. LOL!!!

Take Care and great post!

alanna rose said...

They are cute, aren't they?
I would love to have my backyard, to use as Mommy's hideout, and without a bathroom.

I saw these houses on Oprah a few years ago...the toilet is a bucket with a seat on it...not for me! Well, at least not for everyday.

I'm fixing this whole season of Design Star really underwhelming, what do you think?

The Cannary's said...

Wouldn't it be great to own one for each of my kids? Dad and I could have the "great house". Each kid would have to be responsible for keeping his or hers clean. I can dream, right?

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'd like to have one for my own little getaway studio, but not to live in full time!!! We stayed in a hotel in France once that had a (much larger) bathroom like that. It would wash itself (!!) after you left and the door clicked. Very cool!

Paula said...

This would make a great hunting or fishing cabin for a man. I can't imagine any woman wanting to stay in one for any length of time. They are adorably cute!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

I have been infatuated with small space living. There are you tube videos of small homes that people are living in. Infatuated yes. Do I want to do it..heck no!! I think my infatuation is more "how in the world"....

Country Dreaming said...

They are cute but I couldn't do it.
I need space to move about in.


Amber said...

They are super cute - but I would prefer not to live in something so tiny. My husband and I lived in a little less than 500 square foot apartment in NYC and that was plenty of room for 2 and maybe even with 1 kid. But no way now - not with 2!