Friday, September 26, 2008

Fireproof, the Movie

Tall Dark and Handsome often is able to get off work early on Fridays. Today, thanks to the kids being in school all day, we took the afternoon to go see a matinee of the new movie Fireproof. We really enjoyed Sherwood Pictures' Facing the Giants a couple years ago and wanted to support their new effort.

We both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an excellent, high quality movie. You could occasionally tell that the acting wasn't Hollywood caliber, but overall it was very good. Having Kirk Cameron in the lead role of Caleb Holt probably helped to bring it up a notch, but the supporting actors, particularly Erin Bethea as Caleb's wife Catherine, did an impressive job as well. You can read a full synopsis in any number of other places, so I will just quickly say that the main story is of a fireman and his wife who are on the brink of divorce until he has a change of heart and decides to fight for his marriage.

Most importantly, the theme was unabashedly Christian. It was refreshing to see a movie that is wholesome and shares the message of Christ unapologetically and without watering it down. I believe anyone who is married, or may be one day, will be given lots of food for thought by this movie. I know it made me appreciate Handsome all over again! BTW, he also gives it two thumbs up!

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Hooked on Houses said...

You know, I keep hearing this movie mentioned and seeing it on the local theater's sign but had no idea what it was about. Thanks for filling me in!

Your blog is really lovely. I like your header photo. Thanks for putting my new address in your blogroll. I really appreciate it!! -Julia :-)