Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Addiction

I have done this nearly every afternoon for 4 or 5 years. If I miss a day, I start to get a little craving around three or four o'clock. It's crack, I tell ya, crack! But now it's time to come clean.

I confess that every afternoon I have been having one of these:

My GFIC French Vanilla Cappuccino Cooler. Made with skim milk, it's a lowfat treat. If you still believe in lowfat, which I don't. Made with organic whole milk, it's sweet, frosty, creamy goodness in a glass. But I don't stop there. I go hogwild and top it with whipped cream and a generous dash of chocolate sprinkles. Real whipped cream, from a can (I don't go as far as to whip my own), not the corn syrup-sweetened partially hydrogenated vegetable oil that comes in a blue tub. I scoop the whipped cream and sprinkles off with a small spoon and eat it bite by delightful little bite, while taking sips of the cappucino from a straw. Then sometimes I go back for more whipped cream. In fact (slurp), I'm drinking one now as I type. Mmmmmmm....

But, alas, I've decided the sugar content is really too high to be a daily indulgence, even though I only make half a serving at a time, thereby getting twelve servings from a package of six. And so, the photo you see above is of my last Cappuccino Cooler for the foreseeable future. The box is empty, and now the glass is too. Farewell, my love, my afternoon rendezvous. Your sweetness lingers on my lips. One day, when I am strong enough, I may find you again.

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Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I loved hearing that you don't believe in "low fat" anymore! I'm having fun poking around your site. :)

Thanks for the link to my blog from yours!