Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sugar and Spice

I'll call her Pinkerbelle---got that from a book we recently read called Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann (disclaimer: the views represented in aforementioned book do not reflect the views of this blog. It's kinda cute, but a conversation regarding appropriate behavior may be warrented). The name made her laugh, and you can't get any more girly than a cross between a fairy and the color pink.

Pinkerbelle is six, just 23 months younger than Skippy. It was so exciting to have a girl after two boys. She was the perfect addition to our family, and continues to add a little sparkle to the dynamic to this day. She is the quintessential little girl. She loves pink and purple, ponies, princesses, and puppies (how's that for alliteration?). She is also the more outgoing child of the three, has more athletic tendencies, and likes to help me in the kitchen or Daddy change the oil.

Lately she has shown a little flare for decorating. She moved a bowl of fruit from the kitchen counter to the coffee table. She experimented with different plates under a cloche, deciding that the first one "just wasn't working". When we came home from apple picking, she suggested that we fill a footed bowl with apples and display it on the counter.

There's definitely a measure of spice in there, too. She has a scream that will shatter glass. She can stomp her foot for emphasis, and stick her bottom lip out so far in a pout that it's a tripping hazard. But the hugs and kisses make up for it!

2002-three weeks old

2004-playing dress-up (brothers did the hairbows)

2008-pony ride for 6th birthday; where has the time gone?

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Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I have a little girl the same age, and she was born with 2 older brothers, too. Now she also has a little brother. :) I hate how fast her childhood is going, all of them really. Such a cliche, but still so sad sometimes!