Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

Tuesday I went to the Salvation Army store. It’s a little farther out of my way, so I don’t go too often, but in general, they are more organized and lower priced than Goodwill.

There were several grab boxes of books, take the whole thing for $1.99. I took one of them because I could see a Little House book right on top.


In addition to the Little House book, there were several classics that I’ll keep. The remaining books I'll take to my local book exchange store for credit.


Also at Salvation Army, I got this cute bunny for $1.69,IMG_2542

and this Reed and Barton silver(plate?) compote for $1.99. It’s small, maybe 6-7” high, and should polish up nicely. I couldn’t fine it online, but I’m sure it’s worth more than I paid.IMG_2548

Wednesday I went to my fave, United Volunteers, for 25% off everything. I got a 14x18 matted frame w/ glass (will paint it), and this darling spring jacket! I seriously was looking at something very similar this week at Walmart for $25, but this one fits me better and has a more fitted waist, which is better for my small frame. Total at this store: $5.99.


That makes my total for the week $11.66, plus I may make some money, in a round about way, by taking the books in for credit. Not too shabby! How did you do?

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Mrs. Petrie said...

First of all, I will keep your little nephew in my thoughts. Babies are so resilient, but it has got to be very difficult for his parents.

I had a green coat like that and I got rid of it in a fit of insanity after my daughter was born. I guess I thought I'd only want to wear gaucho pants and tank tops until she headed off to kindergarten?? I was actually thinking of that jacket yesterday.

Thanks for hosting a place where I can show off my good deals. :)

Sheryl said...

I'll keep your nephew in my prayers!

I posted my thrift store finds on my blog.


Erin said...

I wanted to participate last week, but we were traveling on Thursday. I'll post my "finds" as soon as I can get the photos off of my husband's computer. LOVE the green jacket! I'll be praying for your nephew.

Traci said...

My post will be this evening....I totally forgot to take, I got a GREAT deal this week!!!

I love the cute!!!

ann said...

these are great finds.i am so happy to find you.i found you thru Leigh.i am a treasure hunter also...Ann

Lucy Marie said...

That jacket is so cute. I have been eyeing up a few green jackets lately. Good find!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I went thrifting yesterday with high hopes of making a post to link up here. But I didn't have my camera to take photos. Grr. I guess it will have to wait until next week. That coat you bought is gorgeous!! I just love the color...and the price!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, girl you hit the Jackpot. I am coveting the silver compote AND the green jacket. I'll have to check out the Salvation Army again, haven't been there in awhile.
I hope your nephew's surgery goes well, he's in my prayers.

Stefanie said...

Thinking of your nephew and your family during this time.

I love all your finds this week! We both had lucky trips this week!

Sheryl said...

Holly, your spring jacket is on my blog. Come check it out!


Pixeltrash said...

I did get some great stuff this week, but I didn't get the stuff posted because I didn't find your blog party until 12:15 AM on Thursday.

There is one thing on my blog that I found. It is a shower curtain for $1.99. Should I list it on the party? Maybe I'll try and take pictures of my newly found stuff tomorrow and list them.

Living with Lindsay said...

I love that bunny!

Where I live, our Salvation Army prices their items about 3 times what they are at the Goodwill! It's so funny to see how things are priced differently in different parts of the country.

I'll be thinking about your nephew.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

You scored some amazing things shopping! Good job! I am envious of those deals.
Hey, you and I share a love for Little House on the Prarie!

Joanne said...

Hello! I am participating for the first time. I'm a avid thrift store shopper and I loved seeing everyone else's finds! Here's my link:
I also linked back to this post. :-)

Bellamere Cottage said... THAT'S a HAUL!!! I adore thrift shopping and can't even begin to remember all the wonderful things I've found at secondhand stores. Where else can you find hundreds of brands of things under one roof?? :-)

God bless you and Happy Easter!

Wendy said...

I love the green coat!