Friday, April 17, 2009

Who’s the Belle of the Ball?

Wow, this was an awesome giveaway!  I got tons of new visitors and lots of new followers.  Thanks, everybody!  I hope you’ll come back and visit again.

Now, the moment we’ve been waiting for…Truly Random Number Generator picked #26.


And #26 on the list was Mandi of Miss(es) Canadian Pie!  She is one of my loyal readers…thanks, Mandi, and congratulations!


Thanks to everyone who entered.  If you didn’t win, you can always get some ping pong balls and get started on your own!


gina said...

Congrats to the winner- and thank goodness I bought a set- because they're not even listed today. :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I just had to say that ping pong idea was EXCELLENT!! :)

Shannon said...

Congrats to Mandi!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I am so excited and can't stop saying "I can't believe I won!" Thank you so much, Holly!

lagirl said...

I'm gonna enjoy your Blog; I can just tell. I signed on as a Follower, so I'll be back.

Lucy Marie said...

Congrats Mandi!! You lucky girl!

Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

This is the first time I have visited your blog. Your little girl outing the bunny was adorable. I have added you as a favorite. I'll be back and join your Thrift Store Thursdays. Blessings.