Friday, April 10, 2009

Update on My Nephew

Hudson’s surgery was postponed until this morning, but is done now.  Dad said he made it through the surgery; one of the surgeons was optimistic that he “will make it”, and the other one said he is a very sick little boy and we’ll have to see “if he makes it”.

It turned out to be that his liver was herniated through his diaphragm and I guess was interfering with his lungs and heart.  At one point I heard that his heart was enlarged, but I don’t have a confirmation on that since the surgery.

I should clarify a little bit:  they knew that Hudson had issues during the pregnancy.  He has club feet, some problems with digestion and/or elimination, and has had breathing problems since birth.  He is apparently quite opinionated about all of the poking and prodding he gets on a daily basis, and on more than one occasion it has upset him so much that he has gone into a kind of seizure and stopped breathing.

Thank you for your prayers.  Obviously, they are still very much needed.


Lucy Marie said...

Still praying.

gina said...


Wendy said...

Oh! I'm so sorry that your little nephew is having to go through so much! Sending up prayers for him!

Debbie said...

I know how hard this can be. We knew my grandson had a heart problem before he was born and has had open heart surgery since then. He was born on Feb. 12, and just came home last friday. But what a blessing he is already. I will send prayers up continually for this little one and his parents. God is so good, we have to remember that. In Him, Debbie