Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Living Room Consultation

Joining Amanda's party!

As I mentioned yesterday, back in the spring I won a consultation with Layla Palmer, of The Lettered Cottage. I really like her design style, and my living room was a blank slate, so this was a great opportunity for me.

For a more complete view of the room, see this post, which is what I referred Layla to. Here is a before:

And Layla's after:

Since the side of the armoire is what greets you as you enter the front door, she suggested hanging some artwork on the side of it, and a stack of baskets, or an urn with tall twigs or the like. She also recommended removing the console table and mirror, and replacing it with a large photo/art collage.

The other side of the room, before:


She suggested a rug, coffee table, bamboo blinds, and one long curtain rod, along with pillows, and artwork and sconces on the wall. As you can see, the accent color is green. After some discussion with her, we decided that though the bamboo blinds look good, it would be okay to keep the existing white 2" faux wood blinds, since they are on every window in the house.

This is what the room looks like right now.
I added the rug, found the coffee table at a garage sale, and though you can't really tell in this photo, painted the walls BM Natural Linen. The curtains came down when Craig painted and haven't gone back up, because I'm not sure what direction I want to go. I do have a long rod that matches the ones in the family/dining rm. I'm not really satisfied with the striped pillows; the green is too bright.

Here's my slight dilemma: I have since decided that I want my house to be lighter and brighter, so I'm trying to figure out how to lighten this room up.

My friend Dixie sent me this photo from The Brown Family and I'm strongly considering the board and batten for the windowless wall in the photo of my room as a way to add some white and character.

Other possibilities: some kind of redo for the coffee table that involves white paint (see below), painting my corner cabinet white...I'm not sure what else. I don't think that white curtains or pillows would look right. The rug is staying since I spent the money on it and don't have more to buy yet another one.

Dixie also sent me this photo, from a thousand words, as an idea for the coffee table: white distressed paint on the pedestal, darker stained top.

I like the look a lot, and I'm certain I recently saw on a blog a coffee table very similar to mine, with a very similar treatment as the above desk, but I can't remember where. If anybody knows, please tell me.

Okay, there you have it. Layla's pictures were a definite improvement on what I had, but now I want to tweak it a little. I don't mind keeping some green accents (especially since I already have the rug), but if you have any ideas for lightening up the room, I'm happy to hear them.


nanaSewn said...

Interesting, Layla gave me the same wall layout with pics and bench etc. I think it is a pic from pottery barn and works in a lot of situations. your room is coming along nicely.

Kathy said...

Just have fun...I change things around so often it makes even my head spin!!! Try things, experiment, enjoy your home...You certainly have a lot of nice room to play with...xoxo~Kathy~ @Sweet Up-North Mornings...

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi Holly.

I love the coffee table and I think the finish could work even in a lighter room. The armoire would be nice painted a lighter color. Then perhaps you could use curtains with a white base and a darker pattern in them. Maybe a damask or toile. The board and batten would be great! Maybe some coordinating patterned pillows on the couch, with a white base color. The couch and coffee table especially are so great. I think you can easily make a lighter palette work.
I know you will do a great job. I can't wait to see. Keep us updated.


debbie said...

I really like the photo wall by the armoire and the arrangement above the back of the couch.

As to lightening it up, I would switch out the dark curtains for something cream/ivory. IMHO the dark curtains seem really heavy. I agree on using the full lenth curtain rod, something about the two short ones stops the eye from noticing how large the window really is. I've seen alot of bloggers using drop cloths for curtains. Use clip rings to hang and you're done. It would probably only cost about $20, cheap! Add some pillows in a more subdued green, tan and white pattern, some solid cream pillows and a cream colored throw.
I think instantly that whole area will be lighter and brighter.

I like her idea for above the couch, but a way to expand that and add some lightness to it is buy some wider moulding and frame around the whole thing, paint the moulding and the inset white. Sort of gives you the same bang as the white wood wall, but much easier to do and cheaper.

Personally I wouldn't paint the coffee table. The wood is light enough and I think it would stand out to much against the rug.

Barb said...

Great changes Holly.
Love the idea for the table colors.
Barbara Jean

Tammy of Yarborough House said...

Okay I would go with the board and batten on your back wall - that would change the whole look of the room to maybe more casual and very light. I would lose the bench and all those pictures though - it just seems so busy on that wall- very cluttered. The armoire is so big and to add all that would be wow -overkill. Just my opinion though. I like the bench maybe with just one coordinating basket on it.
I would keep the middle pillow as it does seem to go with your rug and then maybe cover the other two with a cream fabric- linen?
I agree with the coffee table idea-paint the pedastal cream with some glaze and keep the top wooden.
Cream drapes or dropcloth drapes would look great or so would burlap they make it in colors so you could get cream and it would add texture.
The only other thing is that if you want to lighten the whole room then the armoire might stand out- are you considering painting it?
I think you are on a good roll can't wait to see what it ends up becoming.

C said...

Hmm.. Honestly, I think Layla's suggestion is perfect. It's already pretty light. I'd maybe just switch out the curtains for something with pattern & white in it. Nothing too busy- stripes would even work. Be careful adding white to rooms.. sometimes people what to lighten it up so much that they just throw in white everywhere, and it doesn't end up looking "together". And with that coffee table.. I'd definitely go white on the top, and a darker color brown on the bottom, to match your hutch.. not the other way around. The dark base will ground it, while the white top will interject the lightness you're looking for.

Elizabeth said...

I think it's looking good, and I really love the rug and the green pillows. Since they are already a nice bright pop of color and you've still got your nice white wood blinds, I think just adding some more white/cream into the room would be enough to brighten it up.

I like the suggestion of drop cloth drapes, and I really like the board and batten treatment, with the photo ledge on top, like your friend suggested. I think that, and maybe painting the base of your table would make it look great! And maybe you could a couple of pillows with a green pattern on a white or cream background. It's looking great though!

Barb said...


regarding hall dilemma:
Thanks for coming by.
Do you mean paint that rough wood one in the doorway white?
Or the dark brown one at end of hall??

both would probably be better white.

thanks for the help great idea

Xazmin said...

Sorry...I love the green! I also like the idea of adding white to the walls, have you thought about bead board? OR if you go visit Thrifty Decor Chick, she has TONS of awesome molding and stenciling ideas for walls that are beautiful!

What if you did curtains that had the green accent, but also a lot of ivory in them to lighten it up?

I love your room!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi, Holly! Thank you so much for linking up to my party. :)

I love Layla's ideas (esp. the shades!!!) and your friend Dixie is right on (in my opinion) with her board and batten idea and the paint/stained coffee table. I think it would lighten the room up a lot. :)

Thank you so much for YOUR input on my hallway. I am hoping I can convince T to put an outlet in for me b/c that area could use some light, and I know my 3 year old would appreciate a night light out there for potty trips. ;)

Thanks again for joining the party! :)

Christina said...

I'm loving the idea of the Board and batten walls and the idea of the white/cream and stained wood coffee table w/some distressing.

Kayla said...

I love the idea for the coffee table. I think the one you are looking for is from Buzzings of a Queen Bee. I can't wait to see pictures of it when it's all done.

meuthia rizki said...

hi holly..
I live miles away from you, but internet drops me here.

I am planning to decorate my new house with wooden blind but some people said that the type of my window is not suitable with that.

so now I am getting confused...