Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WFMW—Washable Swiffer WetJet Cloths

A few months ago I did a WFMW post on do-it-yourself refills for the Swiffer WetJet solution.  At that time I mentioned that I’d like to figure out a reusable cleaning pad for it too.

Well, last week at Dollar Tree I had an aha moment when I saw these microfiber cleaning cloths.


I purchased two.  One of them I cut into thirds.


Then I set the WetJet on top of one piece.  The velcro-type fastener on the bottom of the mop grabbed on to the microfiber.


It worked quite well.  There was one minor issue:  because the cloth is thinner than the disposable pads and had no cushioning it sort of “scraped” across the floor.  I don’t think it would cause any damage, but I tried a different technique with the second cloth.

IMG_3767 I did not cut it into thirds; instead, I folded it into thirds and put the mop on top, making sure cover the edge of the cloth with the mop head, so the cloth wouldn’t flop around as I pushed the mop back and forth.  That was more cushiony, I and liked it better.

It did not occur to me until just now that it would be very easy to sew around the edges of the folded cloth so I wouldn’t have to worry about flopping.  I think I’ll stack up the three pieces of the other one and sew them together too. 

I’ll be getting more of these cloths and making several pads for my WetJet.  A quick look online shows that to buy the disposable pads works out to approximately 50 cents each.  At a dollar each, these reusable ones will pay for themselves quickly and can be used over and over.  Works for Me!

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Christina said...

Great idea Holly. I don't have a S. Wet Jet right now, but have had one in the past. This is a good solution.

Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I love this idea. I don't use a Swiffer because I feel like the pads aren't enough to really get the floor clean, but these microfiber cloths might work.

Also, I have a friend who is a housekeeper and I'm definitely sharing this tip with her!

Buffie said...

I love this idea. I will definitely be trying this.

Lisa said...

Great idea!!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Good tips!! :)

Ticia said...

Great idea. I quit using mine because I hated buying the refill cloths.
I noticed for the regular swiffer you can use the "Natural White Batting" sold in craft stores.

groovie mom said...

I admit I don't mop nearly as much as I should simply because I don't want to "waste" all of my refill cloths. This is good to know! Thanks for the tip!

CharityMay said...

you can buy a pack of 25 microfiber cloths for about $10 at sam's club in the automotive care aisle. i use them for this and around the house. at $0.40 each - can't beat it!

gina said...

That's why I am in love with my shark. Washable pads and the "refill" is just water!! Worth the upfront $80 for me.

Connie said...

Well now! That is one really USEFUL idea! I gotta run to General Dollar and find some microfiber cloths! Keep us posted on your continuing improvements.