Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thrifty Thursday Party

So, today's the party!  The purpose is to share money saving tips and ideas with others...a great sale at a major chain store, an economical recipe, a household tip for turning straw into know, stuff like that.

Now that I'm thinking about it, mine may not be all that exciting.  But who knows, we were pretty stoked about it, so maybe we're not the only ones.

Craig and the kids like to use Breathe Right nasal strips when they have a cold.  More recently, though, Craig has discovered that he likes to use one every night; he has a deviated septum, and it helps him breathe more freely during the night.  Walmart sells them for about $5 for a pack of 12, or about $10 for a pack of 30.
Last week I was at Dollar Tree, and they had packs of 12 genuine Breathe Right strips for, yup, $1!  That's a significant savings.  I bought them out of Craig's size (he, um, needs large) and got several of the small to medium for the rest of us to use for colds.  If you use these on a regular basis, or even just for the occasional stuffy nose, it's worth checking your local DT

Time to link up.  I know I didn't give much advance notice, but I hope there's a few of you out there who would like to join.

1. Enter the link to your specific Thrifty Thursday post, not your blog homepage.

2.  Please make sure your post is relevant to the party theme.

3. Please link back to me (I'll try to come up with a button if I decide to make this regular).

4. Please visit the other party participants and leave them a comment.


Angie said...

What a great party! And I just have something to share that I am so excited about! If you never had tahini you should really try it out! Thanks for hosting! Can't wait to see what everyone else links up with!

Melissa said...

Great find. Back in the day, when BreatheRight first came out the company that my husband worked for made some of the production machines for the companies that manufacture them. He brought home tons and tons of run off - perfectly good material that they can't use because it is trial...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that tip -- I will need to head to our Dollar Tree to see if ours has them.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great tip, Holly! :) I linked up an oldie but goodie. ;) I'll be around to visit the other participants later on today. Just got home from MOPS and have some stuff I have to do around the house first. :) Thanks for hosting!!!

Melissa said...

I always wondered if these actually worked! I'm not supposed to take most decongestants, so these strips would be a welcome alternative ... especially if I can find them at DT!

Thanks for hosting the party. It's been a busy day here, but I'll make sure to visit other partiers before the festivities end.

Jenny said...

That is a great deal! I wish we had a Dollar Tree near us! The amount I would spend on gas to get to the nearest one would defeat the purpose!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found you a couple of days ago. Just wanted to mention something about your hubby's deviated septum. My hubby has one too. He went for an overnight sleep study and found out that he has sleep apnea. He now uses a CPAP machine and is a different (very happy) man. Our insurance paid for most of it.