Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Reserve Furniture

Yesterday I rediscovered a company I first looked at a couple years ago…Home Reserve furniture.  There are several styles to choose from, and many fabrics.  It’s made in the USA, prices seem very low (sofas start at $299, chairs at $179), the pieces all have storage under the seats, and you can change the upholstery inexpensively.  I’m intrigued.
There are tons of glowing customer reviews on the website, but I found good reports in several other places too.  The website allows to you choose the style and view it in any fabric.
Tux chair in Kia Turquoise, $251
Brook Loveseat in Jacinta Black, $356
getimage.aspx (1)
Standard Ottoman in Kirby Black, $129
getimage.aspx (2)
Of course, there are lots of solid fabric as well.  Some are machine washable.  Price varies with the fabric.
Here are some actual customer photos that I took from the website.  (I hope I’m not breaking any rules here; I assume they are public domain.)
The furniture is shipped to you in boxes, and you assemble it yourself (reminds one of IKEA, no?).  Now obviously, this is not high-end stuff, but I think most of us are not really high-end people, ya know?  At least I’m not.
So, what do you think?  Do you own any Home Reserve furniture or know someone that does?  I’d be very interested in some reviews from people I “know”.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I like the look of the sofa with the boys lounging on it, but I wonder how long sofas that come in boxes would last.

stephaniegiese said...

My mom bought 2 of these love seats two years ago. They were REALLY hard to put together (way harder than Ikea furniture) and SO uncomfortable! She kept them for a little while because she bought them to fill a space that wasn't used very often, but eventually they made their way to Goodwill. It seems like such a good idea, but I can't recommend this company in good conscious. Sorry!

Alissa said...

I'm a long-time reader but this is my first comment- I had to! We bought one of those and they are SO hard and uncomfortable! The couch was constantly looking messy and no one wanted to sit on it. For the same price you can get an ikea couch which is much much better and more comfy. It's a nice idea in theory but I'd tell anyone to stay away!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I've never even heard of them. I do love picking my fabric though. The do look just a little hard. I wouldn't know though.

Holly said...

Thanks so much to Stephanie and Alissa for real-life reviews! Just as I was too good to be true!

Blaine Wieland said...


Full disclosure here...I'm the president of Home Reserve. If you'd like us to send a chair to someone to get their review, let us know. Call Sandy in our customer service...I'll let her know you might call.

(The foam does start out firm...but a couple years ago, it was too firm...we did have a problem with that.)

Mary Joy said...


Do it! It sounds like some of the folks that are sharing their experiences from a few years ago. I would love to hear your experiences with one of their chairs now. It would be good to have an opinion that is current. And it sounds like this is the chance to do that. Have fun and tell us all about it! :-)

LindaK said...

Wow! I am impressed that a company president is not only willing to stand behind his product, but actually wants some honest feedback. Go for it, Girl! I would love to find a way to get new furniture for our home on a limited(sigh...retirement) budget!

Sarah said...

FWIW, our IKEA (Ektorp) furniture also started out a lot firmer than it is after us flopping on it for a year.

Miss Molly M said...

My couch is less than a year old and has come to be extremely uncomfortable. the boards under the cushions shrunk and fall into the holes when you sit down, the back cushions lost their shape and even with constant flipping it is very uncomfortable. I actually have a friend who got the same couch around when we did. We loved it at first, and now we know it wasn't worth the low price. My negative feedback on their website was not posted, and I bought the couch partly because they had such rave reviews, now i know that they censor their reviews. Seems like false advertising to me.

Anonymous said...

I have two home reserve sofas, and i really like them. I have several dogs, and the main reason i bought them was the washability and the ability to purchase new covers as needed. I have found them to be extremely durable, comfortable, and stylish. my sofas are both the tux style. i think they look better better than the bottom of the line ikea sofas, too. i am 5'3'', and these are the only sofas i have ever had that actually fit me comfortably. i have the faux leather and mission red suede fabrics.

Kay said...

Did you ever get the chair to sample? I am interested in hearing your review as I am also might be interested, but would like to hear some feedback on their recent products. I am looking for a large sectional sofa.

Holly said...

Kay, I did get the chair. Type "home reserve" into the search box on the right side column of my blog (about halfway down) and it will pull up the posts about assembly and first impressions (which were favorable).
We still enjoy the chair, though because of where it is it doesn't get heavy use. It does get some use every day, though.

ken ( said...

I bought a monroe style couch, chair and ottoman from Home Reserve nearly 10 years ago and despite two kids and two dogs they have held up well. a few pieces have recently started failing but i've simply made new ones myself. the fabric which they unfortunately don't carry any more looks brand new after a quick wash. not the most comfortable furniture but well worth the money! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for some new furniture on a budget.