Sunday, September 12, 2010

Which Mantel? Part 2


Even though I still have red accents around the room, I preferred the neutral books.  Actually, I was never in love with the red books, but didn’t bother to change them until now.

I chose this arrangement over E, which was basically the same but flipped, because there is a table to the right that has several things on it, and I thought the candlesticks/books were a little more busy looking than the vases.  In combination with the table, it made the right side too heavy, so I tried to balance it by switching sides.

Here is a wider shot so you can see what I mean about the table.  Ignore the rest of the mess, please; it was a work in progress at this point.


I think it would be fun to occasionally get three single blooms, one for each vase. 

So, did you get it right?  Do you think I made the right choice, or does something need to be changed?
For part one of this post, go here.


Richella said...

Actually, I guessed "E," but now that I see the larger photo, I see that this makes perfect sense! Good job! And congrats on finding that mirror for $5--good for you!

Country Dreaming said...

Nope missed it. Score on the mirror!