Monday, September 20, 2010

What I Did With the Frame

So, I got this huge frame at a consignment store for $2.50.  I took out the picture and painted the frame Heirloom White.  (I actually don’t think the artwork is too bad, but I was looking for a frame, not artwork.)


I cut a big old bulletin board to fit and covered that with burlap, then Craig attached it to the frame (okay, well he did the cutting too).  Now I have a big awesome bulletin board for school schedules and lunch menus, etc.


The kids’ school went to a system this year of labeling the days A-E instead of Mon-Fri.  That way if there’s a day off, they just pick up where they left off instead of skipping Art or whatever.  The problem is, each child has a different class on each day, and we never know what day it is.  So I printed out A-E and will keep moving the purple push-pin over, and hopefully that will keep us on track.


This is part of my information hallway just inside the garage door.  One of my first blog projects was the magnetic chalkboard that hangs on the other side.  It’s also made out of a old frame ; see this post for info on that project.


I’m linking this up with CSI Project’s Ballard Designs Challenge.


My corkboard is a pretty good replica of Ballard’s Madison Corkboard, at $199 plus shipping, plus $15 oversized fee for the one closest in size to mine.



cindy @ cottage instincts said...

I'm in the middle of doing the same thing! But you did it the right way....I bought cheapo plastic frames and painted them, and they bow out from the wall :( I currently have a bazillion books laying on them in hopes of straightening them out.

Richella said...

There you go! That looks wonderful! And you're so smart to cover the cork with burlap--it looks so much prettier than raw cork.

I need more of this kind of organizational tool in my home. I love for things to look pretty, but honestly we need more keeping-on-track tools. You've combined organization with prettiness here!

FrouFrouBritches said...

That is awesome. That frame is even bigger than I thought. You are such a lucky girl!!! Love how it turned out with the burlap! So cool!

Mary Joy said...

Oh wow!!! It is exciting!! I love what you did with it! I just finished putting up our large bulletin is NOT as pretty as yours though. I love how you used the pretty painted frame for this purpose and how you covered the cork with burlap. Much pretty than a regular bulletin board! Great job!!!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Holly, I love it!!! So crisp and clean looking. :) Great job!!! I have to say that A-E would really mess me up. Kudos to you for keeping up with it. :)

Sarah said...

That A-E thing is driving me a little bit insane. Jack always wants to know what day it is and I can never remember! I love the moving pin idea.

Shug said...

Schedules can become challenging at times....That was a super great idea and it turned out good. I would have never guessed that this is what you had planned for the frame..


Country Dreaming said...

Great job!!!


Melissa said...

Yikes. A-E? I would be forever confused.

Information hallway...clover Mom.

Wendy said...

Looks great!!