Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opinions Needed

I have always wanted hardwood floors, but financially, it just ain't gonna happen. I'd even settle for laminate, but it is also fairly pricey. So lately I've seen this vinyl plank flooring several places, and it looks good, and people seem to be happy with it. Pink and Polka Dot did her kitchen recently and today blogged about the process.

While I was out this morning, I stopped at Lowe's and picked up an individual plank of each of the three colors that my store had, at $.98 each. I do have a little patch of actual hardwood just inside my front door. For comparison's sake, I set the vinyl planks on top of it.

You can see that the one on the right is a pretty good match. Amazingly good, actually. However, what the would-be new floor really needs to look good with are the kitchen and powder room cabinets (which are the same).

Above is the vinyl laying in the powder room.

Here they are in the kitchen, and then below, each individually next to the kitchen cabinets. Okay, for some amazingly annoying and unknown reason, Picasa and/or Blogger will not allow me to save the bottom two photos in the upright position. Hopefully you can get a feel for the colors sideways.

I don't know...if it matches too well, then it will just be a sea of the same color. But none of the three really jumps out at me as having enough contrast while still looking good together. What do you think?


Wendy said...

I like the darkest one with your bathroom cabinets. The middle one is just too close. The dark one gives you a nice contrast. You said that you didn't see a whole lot of contrast between them, but once you have more down, it will be more apparent.

Happy deciding!

Dawn said...

Wow! They all three match perfectly with different areas in your house. That's incredible.

I think I would go with what matches the wood flooring you already have.

My mom has this type of flooring and it looks wonderful. :)

dixie said...

When can I come over and see it in person? Whatcha doin' next week?

Bonnie said...

I tend to think the one that matches the floor you already have. If it blends too much with the furniture you could always but a little throw run in front of it for some color ... but I don't think it will even be an issue.

Raise Them Up said...

I'm actually not thinking the dark one hits me at all. I would have to go with one of the lighter two, if it were my decision. Either one of those, I think, would work.

Like Bonnie said, you can always throw a runner down to add color and interest.

Good luck with your decision. I do love the idea!

Songbirdtiff said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by my little nest.

I don't know if you saw, but we just installed laminate planks last week. I have no idea how much the vinyl is, but our laminate was about $1.30/sq foot. I would be happy to tell you all about it, if that's the price range your in. I would definitely recommend it and it came from Lowes. Good luck in what you decide!

Shannon said...

I like the darkest one! I hope you get to do that. That will look great!

PS Don't be fooled by my nightstands. :) I have a basket underneath with all my books. :)

Wendy said...

It really is hard to choose...I'm not that big on the darkest one, although in the very first picture it didn't look all that dark (so I'm not sure which photo is acurate). I think I would go with the middle color, and, like everyone else said, you could use rugs for accent. I love the color of the floor you already have down, so if the middle color is closest to that, go for it! love ya, sister #2

Do it yourselfer said...

They all look good. Are you going to keep the cabinets the wood finish or do you plan on painting them anytime soon? Get a friend to come over and check 'em out. I would probably go with the one that matches the other wood floor. We also have a patch of wood floor at our front door entrance and they match pretty well.