Saturday, January 31, 2009

Souper Saturday Gone Awry

Earlier this week we had a delicious pot roast. I used Pioneer Woman's instructions. It was good, very good. There was a nice sized hunk leftover, and I immediately earmarked it for Souper Saturday, to make vegetable beef. I've been looking forward to it all week. After all, the last time I made it, we all liked it, and I only used deli beef.

But somehow or other, it just wasn't that good. I'm no gourmet, but I consider myself a decent cook, and it's really not very often that something doesn't turn out. It was edible, but we didn't go back for seconds. I didn't even bother to rate it.

I'm really not sure what the problem was. I used the same basic recipe as before, except that I did it in the crockpot, and I now realize that I didn't use onion powder like last time, and I added peas. There was just something, some little je ne sais quoi, that tasted a little off. Not spoiled; just not tasty. I wondered if it was the beef soup base; I used the same one, but maybe I used too much or something? Dunno.

So there you have it. My first Souper Saturday flop. Too bad. It looked good.

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Lucy Marie said...

You win some, you lose some, eh? That's too bad. It looks delicious though ... you could have just posted the photo and let us all believe it was a masterpiece!! I had a soup flop earlier this winter - Hubby (who eats anything) wouldn't even eat it ... it was that bad. The dog enjoyed it though.