Monday, February 2, 2009

A Few Updates

I have come to the realization that having slipcovers made for my couch is not a viable option. I know this because the whole thing that got me thinking about it is that Dixie is looking into having them made for a couch of hers and she thought that it was not going to be that much. As it turns out, for her couch, which is much, much smaller than mine, labor would be about $350 and she would need 18-20 yds of fabric.

I think that based on that, a very conservative estimate for mine would be to double it, since mine is much larger=more fabric, and I have a couch, chair and ottoman=more labor+more fabric. So $700 for labor, and lets say I found a fabric for $12/yd (unlikely) x 40yds=$480. Total $1180, very conservatively. Realistically, I could probably increase that by another 50%=$1770. Either way, in my mind, it's not worth it. So back to the drawing board.

Next, the faux wood floor. I've decided to just do the half bath for now to try it out. I went with the color that best matched the existing patch of real hardwood at the front door. It's called Golden Oak.

Here it is all laid out in the bathroom getting acclimatized (not stuck down). Skippy arranged this, but I had been thinking that it should be laid in this direction (side wall to side wall, rather than front to back).

However, I looked at the pictures of the model of our house and it had real hardwood and shows it front to back.

It also had hardwood in the kitchen, and the color of the floor is very similar to the color of the cabinets. I never thought anything about it until now, except that I liked the hardwood. So, I guess I don't need to be concerned so much about the color of the faux wood being too close to that of the cabinets.

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Shannon said...

I can't wait to see it finished!