Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bathroom and Bargains

The bathroom floor is in! Handsome did it last night after supper, and I didn't even have to ask. Thanks, honey! It took one $30 box to do this.

I really, really like the floor. It's definitely staying. But I'm still not 100% sure what I think about the floor color with the cabinet color. So we'll hold off on doing the whole kitchen for now.

In other news, I've scored several deals lately. Yesterday I went to my closest Goodwill. It's not my favorite of the ones in my area, but it's only a couple miles from me, so I often just pop in. Well, yesterday, the linen section was like a Pottery Barn store! Do I hear angels singing?

First, I snagged these. Eight pristine, I'm guessing never used, crisp white PB dinner napkins, monogrammed with the letter 'M'. No price, but when I brought them up to the counter the girl said napkins were the same as placemats: fifty cents! Eight monogrammed napkins for $4, which will make a lovely birthday gift for my loves-to-entertain stepmom, and yes, my maiden name starts with 'M'.

A little further down, a pair of pink gingham PBKids curtain panels. Again, no clear pricing. The girl at the front (teen) says "um, panels are $4. I think $4 a pair. So, both for $4". Sweet fancy Moses, wrap 'em up, girlfriend! When I got them home I realized that they are only the 63" ones, but I can work with that. An old catalog of mine reveals that they sold for $24 each panel, but a look at the website indicates that these are being discontinued.

There were also two matching PBKids pink floral and paisley duvet covers, twin size. My girl has a double bed, but I could've done something with them. The sign said bedspreads were $4, but when I went to the front I made the mistake of telling the girl they were duvet covers, and I'm guessing she was unfamiliar with the term, as she called the manager, and also mentioned they were PB. Manager said $15 each. I chose not to get them, since I didn't have an actual use for them, but I wonder if I had just called them bedspreads if she would've rang them up at $4 each.

A couple of weeks ago I was at Target and every shelf was full to brimming with clearance items. Unfortunately for me, at the time I had no extra spending money and had to refrain. I got what I needed and hightailed it out of there, using all my will power. The other day I was back, albeit at a different Target, and lots of the clearance was already gone. But I did find this pretty soup tureen for $7.50, regular price $29.99.

And finally, I got this set of three artwork at Hobby Lobby for $4.75 each. I put them back twice because I kept thinking 'I can make something like this with some scrapbook paper, shadow boxes, and my old silver'.

Then I remembered that for me, so many times it has ended up that 'making it myself' has taken way more time than I expected, caused way more frustration, cost almost as much, and ended up not looking as good as if I had just purchased them.

I'm pretty sure the shadow boxes alone would've been more than $4.75. But if I ever come across one at a thrift store or something, I might give this a try.


Wendy said...

Great buys! I wish my local thrift store got in such great stuff! I go there for books all the time, but never find anything else to take home with me.

Do you sew? If so, you could probably sew a coordinating fabric on the bottom of the panels and put a cute border between the fabrics to make them long enough for you.

Congrats on your finds!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

You ar of finding amazing deals! I just can't believe that you are finding PB items at your thrift store. Gosh, we have junk junk junk here. And trust me, I'm looking with out my rose colored glasses. Those napkins were such a steal. Have fun!

And by the way, the bathroom floor looks amazing. I'm wondering if my hubby and I should do soemthing like that instead of new tile when we do our redo of our bathroom. It really looks so good!

Raise Them Up said...

Congratulations on some great buys!

Love the floor. I think it looks great!!

Sheryl said...

You found some great buys! I recently found window panels for $2each at Goodwill. From Target. Never used. I had to make some alterations, but they look great in our window! I did see a PB bedspread, but unfortunately the person who ticketed it realized it was from PB and the price was higher than I wanted to spend. I was told that it all depends on who tickets the item. Sometimes I see identical pieces for different prices, and our Goodwill won't change the price to the lower one. You have to pay what's on the ticket. It's truly hit or miss, but oh it's so fun when it's a hit!

-Julie said...

Gotta love Hobby Lobby!

dixie said...

You lucky duck, you!! LOVE the napkins, and the window treatments and the tureen.

The bathroom floor looks amazing!! Maybe I can see it in person on Wednesday this week????