Monday, February 9, 2009

My Own Personal Blissdom

If you read the popular blogs, you know that anybody who is anybody in the blogworld went to Blissdom this weekend. Like Nester, Kimba, Melissa, oh just everybody! Check out their blogs, they all just had such a great time, ya'll! But I'm not jealous or anything. I had my own personal Blissdom.

Oh, let's see.


Oh, yah! I watched 102 Dalmations with the kids Friday night while Handsome was at Starbucks getting some work done. Except the kids wouldn't just sit still and watch. It was more like a three ring circus. Even more fun!

And...I went to a furniture store to just look at sofas and was followed around by a very talkative salesman. Do you know, when his wife was pregnant with their youngest 30 years ago, the doctor thought she was too old. He let that doctor have it, let me tell you!

Okay, what else? Oh, I single-handedly tried to force the dog to drink hydrogen peroxide in order to induce vomitting because Firstborn said he saw her eat a shoelace. I wasn't too successful. No barf. Hopefully the shoelace won't tie itself around her intestines and kill her. Of course, we're not even 100% sure she actually ate said shoelace.

Okay, I'm sorry if this is in poor taste. This is not our dog, and it's not dead. He's asleep and the photo is from flickr. I just thought it was hilarious!

Um...we went to Chili's last night and my salad was all pale iceburg lettuce and shredded carrots (blech), and my soup was cold.


Okay, well that's about all the Bliss I can come up with. It was actually just a pretty normal weekend. How was yours?

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ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage said...

Bliss comes in many forms...I hope! My weekend involved junking, making homemade soup for my sick hubby, and doing some early spring cleaning. Just being happy and loving life!

gina said...

My weekend was busy but fun! Taxes (okay NOT so fun), house hunting, sister and BIL over for a big dinner Saturday. Sunday- more house hunting, hanging out reading, all of us with different books. :)