Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Nothings

I have a confession to make...I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I'm not an opponent, I don't hate it, I just don't put a lot of stock in it. I'm not going to go sobbing into my pillow if Handsome doesn't get me a box of chocolates or something from a jewelry store.

In fact, I never, ever want him to get me anything like this:

It's just not my style. He has strict instructions, by the way, to strongly discourage the children from ever picking out any jewelry for me. I'm kind of picky in that department, and not into flashy and sparkly, which is what the kids are drawn to. But if your child gives it to you, you have to wear it. At least once.

I do not go out of the way to decorate for Valentine's, either. Oh, I had some conversation hearts around, but they're long gone. I got some of those heart picks from Dollar Tree and plucked the hearts from the picks and put them in an apothecary jar. The hearts, I mean. Not the picks. Although I saved those in case I ever want to put the hearts back on them. You never know.

I don't spend a lot of time making handmade valentines for my children to take to school. We just got the box of cards from Walmart. I didn't even spring for the fancy kind that come with candy. I figure they'll get enough of that at their party.

This school, which is new for us this year, seems to have the tradition of having the children make their Valentine mailboxes at home. That's a first for us; they've always taken care of that at school before. Skippy scotch-taped a bunch of hearts and stuff to an old first-aid kit. Firstborn doesn't care, and didn't do anything. And I decided to get cute for Pinkerbelle and make this from Family Fun.

Except I didn't fully read the instructions, which said to use stiff felt (where do you get that?), and we used cardstock and that 1/8" wide ribbon. As she carried it on to the bus this morning, it struck me. What was I thinking? That's thing's going to be a torn and crumpled mess by the time 25 first graders stick their grubby little hands inside and deposit a card. If it even makes it that long. I'll be a little surprised to hear that it survived the bus ride.

So, I guess I'm a bit of a Valentine Scrooge. A Vrooge. Oh, I get the kids a little token gifty. And Handsome gets a card, at least. If I get a card in return, I'm fine with that. Although, if he ever got the notion, I'd make an exception and accept one of these.

Photos 1,2,and 5 from flickr


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Vrooge. :) Cute. Someday I'll go all out...but not right now. Hubby and I are making dinner and watching the movie Fireproof. We're just taking it nice and easy. I doubt we'll even exchange gifts or anything. Just not this year.

Sherri S said...

Hey Vrooge! A Holly original! I likee it. Oh and join me in on the not that big o deal about Vday stuff either. I always bought the kids a little something something...usually a small heart with candy. We did the cards when they were in Elem. school but that was it. I don't care for roses, they just die and are really a waste of money spent! I don't NEED the candy! And dinner out is something out of craziness on Vday weekend. A handmade card and a hug suits me just fine. I LOVE your pretties though AND the white plate!!! My cheese dish isn't as pretty but I might have to drag that thing out and put it with my plate (I've tried a 3 arrangement!)

Raise Them Up said...

Love what you did with the hearts!

By the way, left a comment that the computer ate, so if you get two from me, feel doubly appreciated!

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Anonymous said...

Count me among the "vrooges" then. We've never been the type to do a lot for Valentines, or any other holiday for that matter. I bought a few Valentine decorations from the dollar store and made an attempt at being festive, but it didn't come out very well.

We went out for dinner to our favorite (inexpensive!) Mexican restaurant. No flowers. No cards. No candy (unless you count the bag of Cadbury's Mini Eggs I bought at Target...)