Friday, May 15, 2009

Bad Habit

I have recently acquired a bad habit. A habit fueled by the DVR and A&E. In the last couple of months, I’ve discovered CSI: Miami. thumb I’ve never watched a current season. I just watch the out-of-order re-runs which seem to comprise about a third of A&E’s airtime. This isn’t typically my genre. Blood, murder, science…in general, not major interests of mine.

Since the airing order of reruns seems to be totally random, I don’t even know a coherent storyline. I get bits and pieces with every show and try to fit it all together.

It’s formulaic and kind of funny. Horatio’s one-liners are always good for a laugh (“champagne? lipstick? looks like our vic was on a…..killer date!”). There’s always a piece of evidence left right where they can find it, but they rarely find it until their second or third visit. A hair, a toothpick…it always offers up the DNA.5

They almost always interview the killer a couple times before they figure it out. It doesn’t matter how unpracticed (a 16 yr old girl) or hardened (repeat offender) they are, they always calmly and coolly deny everything. The suspects are never nervous or shifty-eyed. But when the team gets it all figured out, the suspect always goes “okay, I did it” and confesses everything.


The scenery is pretty, the colors are saturated, the people involved are attractive, and they always solve the crime. What can I say? I’m hooked!

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Vivienne said...

I am howling while reading this post!!! LMAO! My best friend plays Natalia, and boy can I tell you some stories!!! (Particularly about Red and his cheesy one-liners.)

Mrs. Petrie said...

When my daughter was first born and I was stuck on the couch nursing for several hours at a time I started watching CSI. I had never seen it before, but I was totally hooked. I'd watch 3 or 4 back to back each day. I think I watched the first 6 seasons in a few months.

Lucy Marie said...

I go in spurts with those crime shows. Sometimes I can't get enough and then sometimes I stop watching them all together. Right now, I'm on the stop watching them all together side of things.

Christina said...

Love CSI Miami. In fact I love all of the CSI's. Sometime when you get a chance google Jim Carey (not my favorite actor-but this is funny)Haratio Caine. He was on Letterman a few years ago, and somehow I caught it. He did Haratio and his one liners. FUNNY!!!
Here is a link--if it will work.

Oh and my plates are French Countryside, but do look alot like the ones you mentioned. I love white dishes--they are just so versatile.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Oh gosh, my hubby and I watch this show just about every week. Not because we want to but because it's there and we have three channels. Horatio's one liners are the best...but sooooo horrible and cheesy at the same time. When I get a chance, I like to watch The Soup on the E! channel. The host is always making fun of Horatio.

Glenda said...

NO,NO,NO NCIS is the show to watch! I am soo addicted.

gina said...

Never seen. But I do love a good HOUSE episode.

Heather said...

AHH! We watch this too!! We love to hear the opening and then roll our eyes at the one liner that Horatio pulls before he slides his sunglasses on. We watched it just like this - watching all the repeats - we did it one entire summer, and by the end of the summer, we had seen every single one and had the story line down. Then, in the Fall we started the new season. We have done this with all the CSI's, Without a Trace and this summer I think we are tackling Cold Case. This is how my husband and I bond over TV - lol. It's not my typical genre either - but - well - I am hooked too!!!

Kate @ Stolen Moments said...

My husband and I are hooked on 24 on Hulu, so I definitely understand your obsession. CSI:Miami is up there pretty high on our list too.