Saturday, May 2, 2009

From Phoenix

We went to the hospital yesterday and saw Hudson. He's so tiny and sweet. His poor little body is failing, though. Kidneys are failing, there's bleeding in his stomach from unknown causes, and so many other things. Andy and Ashley have decided, with much prayer and medical advice, to take him off the ventilator tomorrow morning. Their strength and the way they are handling this is astounding.

They have invited whole family to the hospital in the morning to say good-bye to Hudson before they shut down the ventilator and then Andy and Ashley will be alone with him and hold him into heaven.


lagirl said...

That makes me cry.
And my heart aches for you and your family. "God's comfort be with each of you and sweet baby Hudson."

Emily MacKenzie said...

Wow...what an incredibly difficult situation. I will be praying for them throughout the morning as they say good-bye to their sweet boy. *sigh*

Rose Haven said...

We will continue to pray for everyone!

Jan & Tom