Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thrift Store Thursday

Saturday I stopped by a couple garage sales and a consignment store. Didn’t find too much, just three things. The cute tiny covered dish (is it a butter dish?) was $2 at the store. The tall glass container was $.50 and the fabric $1, both at a garage sale. The fabric is 2 3/4 yards of pure linen, so it was a good deal. I sort of couldn’t decide if it was hideous or kinda cool. I guess I’m leaning to kinda cool; I’m thinking accent pillows.IMG_2725

So, I thought that was about all I was going to have for today’s post. Then today I popped in to United Volunteers for 25% off. Guess where all the stuff that doesn’t sell at the garage sales is going to? Oh yeah, the thrift stores! It was a bonanza!

IMG_2720 This didn’t photograph very well, but here we go. (These prices are within a few pennies; I made adjustments for the 25% off.) A small white mirror with hooks (will hang in mud room for keys and last minute preening) $2.15. Black ledge shelf (leaning vertically) $1.40. Two white 8x10 frames $.65 each. Two white 8x10 mats, $.20 each. A Belgian waffle maker $3.65.

IMG_2723 A pair of Old Navy capris for Pinkerbelle and a silk top for me, $1.58 each.

IMG_2721This neat old print of a pen and ink drawing was $2.18. I thought it might be an original, but on closer inspection, I doubt it.


I also got this purse, $2. It was a pretty good week…my total was under $20!

Now let’s see your stuff!

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Christina said...

I love the fabric!

The pen and ink picture is wonderful. Even if it in not an original. I love pictures like that.

~Caro~ said...

WOW did you ever score!!!

That fabric is not 'kinda cool', it's freakin' cool!! i just love it! it looks like some of my fave kind of scrapbook paper!! Definitely use it!!

And the stuff @ 25% off, wowza! so cool!!

I really love that frame and picture... and that's a rare thing- i usually dislike all the pics/paintings in second hand frames!!

Kristine said...

You found incredible are really making me want to go to a thrift store and I don't usually shop there! I may have to and join in next Thursday!


Carmen said...

I like everything but especially the drawing. It's really cool even if it's not an original. I think the fabric is cool too NOT hideous. :)

Mrs. Petrie said...

You are the master!! I'm glad you found a waffle maker. Your kids will really enjoy it. I can't believe all the white home accessories- the frame looked brand new! Congrats on all the great stuff.

Cottage Lifestyle said...

I want to shop at your thrift store.


Lucy Marie said...

I'm leaning towards the cool side for the fabric. I often have those moments when I'm unsure whether something is kind of vintage cool or just old and ugly. I'm always asking second opinions!

aprilfoolwed said...

Wow - I wish I could find even one of those cool things at a yard sale or thrift store near me!

Not sure I'd want a sofa covered in that fabric - but for pillows it's rockin'!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

I am lovin' your finds...are those frames from IKEA? We have some that look very similar.


Awesome finds.

Raise Them Up said...

That fabric looks so much like the sidebars of your blog, it made me smile! :)

Great finds!

sewingchick said...

That fabric isn't hideous at all! I love it :) I also can't believe you found mats for pictures for twenty cents! I got two mats the other day for fifty cents apiece, and I thought that was good. The white frames are also great! Overall, I would have to give you an A+ !!

Chandra said...

That fabric is a great find--it'll make gorgeous pillows!!

Chandra said...
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Shopping Golightly said...

Love that thrifting just came home today with goodies for pennies on the dollar.

Just posted a second thrift store trunk show on The Thrifty Chicks. Tell me what you think?

Ms Shopping Golightly

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Wow! What amazing deals! I'm heading to Pennsylvania tomorrow and one of the things I can't wait for is thrift store shopping. The prices here are just far to ridiculous. I can't wait to score some real deals. I'm totally coveting your black shelf and the mirrored thingy. Great great great deals!

twin2trip said...

I really like the fabric.

Saver Queen said...

The frames are great! What a deal! I have been waiting to hang the diploma from my Masters degree for a few years now. I wish I could find something like that - it would be perfect! Custom framing is so expensive.

Jenny said...

Great finds! I went to several garage sales on Wednesday and didn't find much. My daughter got a coupon of toys for a quarter each.

This is a fun post, I'll have to come back on Thursdays to check out everyone's deals!

dixie said...

I love your finds. You're making me jealous again!!!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi Holly,
You scored some fantastic deals!
I love the frames. I always love frames.
I wish I could have joined in this week. We were out of town. Hopefully next week.
Have a great weekend!