Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Destination Beach

 While we are on vacation, I'm going to rerun a few old posts.  This one will show you where we're going.
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(Feb. 2009)
I'm getting a little weary of winter. It's just gray and drab and cold. So I thought I'd highlight our favorite summer vacation...the beach at Lake Michigan! We love to go to southwestern Michigan to the beautiful beaches. They're clean, clear, fresh water, no seaweed, no jellyfish or sharks. Chicago is only 90 minutes away, and we usually add that into the mix (and IKEA, of course!). Last year we actually went to the beach in downtown Chicago!

New Buffalo, Michigan, 2004.

Oh, my heart hurts! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Chicago beach, 2008. It was really windy and wavy that day.

Chicago, 2008.

And here, just to whet your appetite, is a house that is for sale. It sits on the bluff above the beach in New Buffalo. It has kind of a Tuscan villa feel, and can be yours for only $5.4 million.

The inside is nice enough, and you can see some of it if you click on the link above. But what's really spectacular is what's outside. Look at these views! And beachfront!

Now that's my dream. A beachfront cottage. This one is actually a little high-falutin' for me. I would be happy with an actual traditional cottage. But you've got to admit, this one's a beaut!


Sweet Tea said...

Great photos.
It's Summer, go ahead & put a bid in for that house. Go ahead. Make like Nike and
"Just Do it"!

FrouFrouBritches said...

They do grow up waaay to fast, don't they? So sad!

That house is amazing!!! I'm with ya though. It is a little too fancy for a beach house, for us anyway.

Have a great time on vacation!!

Mary Joy said...

Oh girl!!!! What a wonderful vacation for you and your family!!! We are closer to the lakes and rivers part of the US but the kids do love beaches don't they? The house is a knockout but I'm with you...I would feel more comfortable in an actual cottage... :-)

Can't wait till you get back so we can see all of your beautiful pictures!!!

And you must check out a "Intentional Encourager" BIG..make that HUGE surprise that is coming soon!!! LOL

Love ya, Holly! Hoping you find a way for some alone time for you and your hubby while you are there!