Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monogrammed (Thrift Store) Vases

 I originally posted this project back in December as part of my Thrifty Gifty series.  I'm reviving it today for the CSI Project.

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For this one you will need vases or other glassware. Naturally, I got mine at the thrift store for about $1 each. You will also need Frosted Glass Spray; I used Rustoleum.

I used a craft knife to cut my letters out of contact paper.  It would be easier to use premade stickers, but I didn't have any at the time.

Cover any parts of the vase that you do not want frosted.  Spray lightly a few times, let it dry, and carefully peel off the stickers. Fabulousness!

Wanna see it again? Yes, I think you do.  For the vase with the H, I used the same method in negative (cut the letter out of the contact paper and then stick the sheet of paper to the vase and spray).

If you look closely, you can see that a little bit of the frost peeled up with the sticker on the bar of the A. Be really careful, and maybe even use your craft knife to slice along the edge of the sticker before you peel it up.

I think mine are a pretty good facsimile of these from Pottery Barn, except instead of $19-$44, I spent under $2 each.

The spray says you can handwash with liquid soap and water, but don’t use the dishwasher. The frost comes off with acetone, and I was able to scrape it with my fingernail so it’s definitely “for display only”. But it looks good!


Stephanie said...

That is fantastic! I have to get some of that and start frosting all the glass in my house!! =)

C H R I S T I said...

oh this is wonderful! I can't wait to do some vases that I have at home! I love it! Thanks for the idea!

Kindra said...

I think I can handle this project! I think the look is FAB! And the price is more attractive, too!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I remember that post! I had big plans to replicate it as a Christmas gift and I got sidetracked. :s Still love it!

Shug said...

A great ideal....My daughter is a teacher and she is required to teach one art class. of course all the expenses come out of her pocket. Gonna let her know about this one...
Glad I found your blog!

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Kami @ Everyday Heaven said...

Beautiful! Way better than Pottery Barn!