Monday, October 18, 2010

Decorating With Candy Corn

Not long ago, I picked up the Oct. 17, 2010 issue of Woman’s Day for 50c at the thrift store.  I guess some people are really organized and disciplined; they read their magazines and immediately get rid of them.  Me, I’m a saver.

Anyway, this issue had several really cute ideas for decorating with candy corn that I’m going to share with you.  You can find the article, photos and instructions here at Woman’s Day

If I had any trees in my yard to get branches, I’d make this.   Maybe I’ll send my son out foraging for sticks.


If you’re the party coordinator for your child’s class, this would be a cute and simple craft activity.


Firstborn says this is a waste of candy.


I had the stuff in my cart to make one of these and put it back.  I think I thought I might drive myself nuts trying to get the candy corn to stay on the styrofoam ball.


You can’t get much simpler than this, which is why it’s the only one I’ve tried so far.

Feed-the-Flames_slideshow_image (1)

My hurricane isn’t as big and beautiful as theirs.  Boo hoo.


Let me know if you try any of these! 


staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I love that issue!
I actually tried a bit -

Anonymous said...

love those ideas. especially the branches

Heidi said...

I'm actually getting ready to make the wreath today! I wrapped my wreath form in black fabric last night and now I'm waiting for the baby to nap so DD and I can glue on the candy corns in peace.

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Okay I REALLY like those balls!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I actually like the hurricanes the best. :) I have some candy corn in a glass pumpkin, but the supply is dwindling. ;)

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

All of these ideas are cute. I think your hurricane looks great. :) I haven't even bought any candy corn this year though. The balls kind of creep me out a little. I don't know why, I think it's that the candy corn is sticking out everywhere. It makes me want to pick it off. I'm weird, I know. haha!

Mary Joy said...

I love this! I actually have that magazine...LOL...and I am with you, I am a saver. I would never have it read and given away already. I need to clip the articles that I can use in the future and put them in my idea binder...but that hasn't happen yet either. LOL

I love the wreath but its a lot of work and getting them to stick perfectly in order would probably drive me crazy! :-)

I love your hurricane. I want to try one but my family would eat them before the week was over! LOL

Thanks for sharing your great idea finds and what you decided to do with them! I always love reading your posts!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I haven't tried these because we don't have candy corn in England....but I have heard it's very yummy and moreish which makes me think I'd love it!!


Melissa said...

I agree with firstborn - I love candycorn way too much.

The Thrifty Designer said...

I'm totally doing the hurricane thing - tonight. (I just bought an xtra large bag of candy corn, and I may eat them all in the next 24 hours if I don't use them for a craft). The owl/bat craft is cute too....may have to spare a few for my kids to make those.

Richella said...

These are all really cute. But I agree with your firstborn about the waste. I mean, come on. This is candy corn! We can't be using too much of it in a glued-on state!

I've done candy corn hurricanes the past several years. Also works with candy conversation hearts at Valentine's Day (which, unlike candy corn, are not at all tempting to eat).

Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

cleverlyinspired said...

Love the branch with candy corn! New follower!

**** April **** said...

So many good ideas! We did, however, just get rid of a HUGE ant problem so I wasn't about to put any kind of sugar out in my house to invite them back in! :) I'll worship the sweetness from afar!

Anonymous said...

I put candycorn in my wooden candle bowl with a big candle and I noticed the other day that less than half of the candycorn was left, and of that, they were all goopy...I took one look at my black lab and realized while I was gone she had her own little party and ate all of that candy! I'll have to try it again in the hurricanes... L.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your candy ball idea. How did you make them? Just glued candy corn on?