Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Animal!

You have until 11:59 (central) to enter the Willow House giveaway.  Winner will be announced tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is also the Knock-Off Party.  Here’s the legal jargon:

Your knock-off can be inspired by Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs or Restoration Hardware .  I know there are others out there, but I feel that there must be some restraints or it just ends up as anything-goes and the original idea is lost. 

It’s perfectly fine to knock-off something that they don’t sell anymore, or something that you see styled in the catalog or store but isn’t actually for sale.  But, in either case, I would like you to have a photo of the original item, either scanned in from an old catalog, or a photo you took in the store.  I don’t want something totally unique that you made that you think has the PB, BD, or RH “look”; that’s awesome, but it’s doesn’t fit this party.

So, the rules:
  • your knock-off entry must be made by you
  • you must include a picture of the original item from the catalog so we can compare
  • it must be a specific comparable item, like my lamp shade, and not just a “this kind of has the PB look to it”
  • you must link back to me in your post, preferably using my button code, which you can get in my right side column
Post and linky will go up at midnight.

More news:  I’m also starting a weekly party on Mondays which was born out of my Thrifty Thursday party back in May.  You have a wider berth with this one.  It just needs to be a tip that saves you money and that someone else might be able to use. Stuff like an inexpensive recipe, how to make your own cleaning supplies, how to recycle kitty litter into playthings…

(Sorry, I just had to do it!)

Monday’s Money-Saving Tips will start November 1.



Mom to Many said...

Hi Holly

Thanks for the invitation on my blog to join your Knock Off party.
I set the post all up, but guess what. I will be away from Internet access during it.
So sad. I guess it will not get posted, unless a kind soul is willing to post it for me?
Here is the link.

Have a great weekend!


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Holly,

I'm solooking forward to seeing what ideas are linked up to your party.

The shops you've chosen are some of my favourite American shops. We don't have them over here (grrr.....) so knock-offs are the way forward for me!!

I love thinking about the past life of vintage items. I think that's part of the romance of having them in my home. All those secrets locked safely inside them.