Monday, October 11, 2010

Fortuitous Find

A couple of weeks ago while I was out and about, I made a couple of unplanned stops at garage sales.  All but one were pretty much a bust, but that one turned out to be one of the better garage sales I’d been to in some time. For under $10, I got 2 games, 4 pairs of jeans and another pair of pants (in my size, petite length, and in new or like-new condition), and a set of 4 plates.

The plates were new in the box, and match the reverse side of my duvet cover almost exactly.  Clearly, they were meant to be hung in my bedroom.


Using paper plates, I played with the layout.


Ultimately, I chose the arrangement below, because I hope to have the headboard made before winter, and that will fill up the middle space.


Of course, seldom is anything as easy as it seems it should be.  First, I tried to hang the plates with Command strips like I did in the family room.  But the inset on the back of the plate (what is that thing called?) was too deep for the strips to make contact with the wall.

So, I made a second trip to Walmart and got the regular old brass plate hangers.  First, because I didn’t like the brass, I had to give the parts that showed a shot of white spray paint.  Then once I put them on the plates, they were so tight-fitting that it was impossible to hang the hook part on the nail.


Using floral wire, I created a loop that would hook over the nail.


And finally, here they are on the wall.  Since they are all the same pattern, I rotated each plate about a quarter turn to change it up just a little bit.


IMG_6584The digital clock kind of spoils the effect, I know. 

Another little step in the bedroom makeover, done!


Barbara Jean said...

Looks great!


barbara jean

Leah said...

don't you love it when a plan comes together!?!

FrouFrouBritches said...

What a fabulous deal and a great find! They do look like they were made to go together. The look fabulous all hung and done. Great job!

Richella said...

These look great, Holly! What a GREAT idea to play with the design w/paper plates! I'm really looking forward to seeing your headboard.

Jennifer said...

those are an awesome find! And I especially love how you hung them (seeing the paper plates in action, I liked them over the nightstands as well).
And way to figure out a way to hang them!

Mary Joy said...

Those are so pretty!!!! I love it!!!! I am impressed with your determination to find a way to get them on the wall. Talk about patient! I am impressed! It sure was worth it though! How pretty!!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Neat!!! It's looking good, Holly. :) I like how you show us the makeover in stages. It's much more realistic than "look how I completely revamped my room in 5 minutes." ;)

Mandy said...

I love finding great deals! And they really go so perfect in your room!! I love how you had the idea to turn them so they all look a little different. I'd be trying to line them up perfectly, not thinking about what you did, but I LOVE it!!! It's so grown up too, my room is purple with pinks and greens, lol. I'll get there one day I'm sure.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Beautiful! What color paint is on your walls if you dont mind me asking?

Julie R said...

What a great find! I love your lamps by the way :)

Holly said...

The paint color is Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Burnished Metal (UL260-17) from Home Depot.

Life in Rehab said...

Wow, does that ever pop!

Aileen said...

I just found your blog, so pls forgive if you've mentioned it in a past entry - but where did you get that phone?! I LOVE it!

Holly said...

Aileen, the phone is from Pottery Barn...I got it on ebay.