Friday, October 15, 2010

Kids’ Winter Outerwear, Cheap

You know how you sometimes see those lists that tell you the best time to buy particular items?  Like white sales are usually in January, and there are always big sales on furniture around Labor Day?  Well, there could be a similar kind of thing for thrift stores.

Really, it’s pretty obvious.  It’s possible that you might find some Christmas ornaments in July at a thrift store, of course, but start looking for them display lots of Christmas stuff in October or November.

Similarly, now is the time to start looking for winter outerwear at the thrift stores.  I don’t know that I’ve ever paid retail for any of my kids’ winter coats, snow pants, or boots.  They only need snow pants and boots a few times a year, so I sure don’t want to pay full price.

Pinkerbelle needed a coat this year; I found this one for under $4 and it’s big enough to last two years.  The snow pants were $4 at Goodwill.  My GW has a 7 day return policy, and I think I might end up returning these, because as it turns out we have a pair that will still fit her.  (I never bought pink for the boys, obviously, and their black or blue hand-me-downs work just fine for her.)


For the last two or three years, Skippy had been wearing a winter coat that I originally bought off of ebay for Firstborn, and he wore it for at least two years.  That’s a lot of mileage for a coat that cost about $15.  But it’s way too small this year, and it was time Skippy had another.

This 4-in-1 coat was $12 at Goodwill, and it will fit him for at least two years.  With all the pieces together, it’s a heavy coat.  Take them apart and there are two mid-weight jackets, one of which is reversible and has zip-off sleeves for a vest option.


I still need to find him snow pants, because somehow he seems to have skipped a size.  Firstborn is all set with the stuff I got him last year.  But it has happened several times that I’ve spent $4 for a pair of snow pants that started at the top and went down through the ranks, lasting a couple years for each child.  I also have a box full of boots that get the same treatment.

How do you stretch your dollar when it comes to dressing your kids for winter?

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love the Dollar Stretching picture. ;) I don't know how it happens, but snow boots and snow suits usually end up last awhile around here. Mine are still small enough that they don't like to be out for too long (esp. when the snow was 2 feet deep last winter!) and I can't let them out by themselves, so we don't get much wear. My MIL often buys snow stuff for the girls for Christmas. :)

Mary Joy said...

I am a thrift store nut when it comes to winter outerwear!!!! We need a coat for our seven year old this year and I will be heading to the closest Goodwill as soon as pay day hits the 3rd of November! Can't wait to see what great bargain I find this year! Woo Hoo! What a rush! I am so glad to hear I am not alone in my foraging! :-)

Mandy said...

The majority of my dollar stretching comes from thrift store shopping. We have a Tiki Hut outside of a thrift store so we're in there all the time racking up. Also, I love doing the consignment sales. I always get good stuff, cheap!! I also love Craigslist. I hardly ever get anything on there, but I love looking. Sometimes you can get some good stuff!

Leah said...

i actually had to buy new snowboots for the first time this year..I just hadn't found any. usually i garage sale for clothes 2-3 years in advance...saves a ton of cash!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Great finds at the thrift store! My son is wearing--for the third winter!--one of those coats from Children's Place that I bought on clearance for $16 in April. It has a second layer inside, made of fleece, so it's a medium weight jacket OR a fleece OR a heavy coat put together. It has held up well and after this winter will get donated and put to more use.

I've been to three consignment sales and can't find boots for him, though, so I may have to buy some. That's hard to do when I've been so lucky in the past!

Deanna said...

I buy them in the summer when no one else is even looking at them. I love to hit the thriftstore on half price day and score Columbia and LLBean for 4$! Woo-hoo!