Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That Darn Space Above the Kitchen Cabinets

It seems to be the eternal decorating quandary…what to put above the kitchen cabinets.  Let me just say from the outset that I do not have the answers, and of course, it is a personal choice, so there’s really no right or wrong.  But this is my blog, so I can show you what I personally like and don’t like. 

This one is a no-brainer.  Empty alcohol bottles and a box fan just don’t work.


I’m not a fan of the silk plants, either.

kit3 source

You may not agree, but I think this one is just too much.  Many of the pieces individually are nice, but all together, it’s too theme-y.  I’d be more inclined to just use a grouping or two of the red pottery.  (Plus, it’s got fake plants.)

accentsofsalado source


I think plates are always a good choice, and something you can do even if you have soffit above your cabinets, as in this photo.

platesoffit I think this one is from Country Living


To me, this is basket overload.

House at Ross traditional kitchen
But I like this:  a couple of baskets look clean and simple and makes more of a statement than the dozens of baskets in the above photo.  Unless you’re trying to say “I have too many baskets and not enough storage space”.

A collection works well, but I still prefer to keep it simple.  I love these bowls, and although they work well with the dishes on the shelves, I think they would look good even if the cupboards had doors.

Kitchen-corner0MKOVR0705-de Country Living

This is gor-gee-ous!  It makes me think I need to start collecting silver pitchers to go with my white dishes.  I think limiting it to white and silver keeps the feel clean, even though there are quite a few pieces and it might not be considered “simple”.

silverHouse Beautiful

So, what’s above my cabinets?  Until I started looking at all these photos, I was pretty satisfied with my white soup tureens, although I knew I still needed to tweak the layout and find one or two more.




Now I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I thought it looked good!  I still like the tureens, but now I’m thinking I want it to look more like that last House Beautiful photo.  I guess I’ll have to go thrift shopping for white platters and silver pitchers.  Rats!  You know how much I hate thrift shopping!


Melissa said...

I use that space for assorted objects that have special meaning to us. (It doesn't look like the first photo above, though!) For example, we have a big vase that I inherited from my great-aunt, and a Winnie the Pooh cookie jar that my husband gave me.

I'm sure that the design wouldn't win any contests, but each object up there makes me smile.

Laurie said...

I was just thinking about this myself. Is it wrong to be a free-and naked-above the cabinet kind of girl? I have tried to find something to put there, but it just seems forced to me.

Look forward to seeing what you do.

gail said...

Since I am in the process of painting my cabinets, I've been thinking about this too! The only thing I've ever stored up there is DUST. hahah I Have crown molding, so anything I put there would have to be elevated a great deal in order to be seen. Thanks for posting this and giving me some pics to see what NOT to do.

FrouFrouBritches said...

Wow, this is an age old problem, isn't it? I have the same issues and I second everything you hate! I have 3 plates and my two "new" antique crocks and an antiqued "Grocery" Sign up there now. I think it needs more, but that takes time. Good luck to you. I know you do hate to thrift! HA! Too funny!

Modern Country Style said...

I don't like having things up there that draw the eye too much because we get spiders' webs SO fast. Cleaning them away is a daily job. Grrrr........

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I like yours! I have a mix of things and always want to change it but never do.

MeenyMoe said...

You know, that space above my cabinets are an eye sore of objects I can't find room for IN the cabinets! My husband and I both agree that our next renovated kitchen will have cabinets that go all the way to ceiling so I am not tempted to use that space for storage. I love your decorating of your space! -Karen

Michelle said...

Hi Holly, I received my package today, thanks so much. That will be a tiny "easy bake oven" cake. lol. I always try to figure out what to put above my cabinets also. I have nothing up there because I realize I would have to dust more stuff if I put something up I think what you have looks great, not too much, just right!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What?! You don't like the empty liquor bottle look? Well, darn. ;)

I think your cabinets look great. I have white stuff on one side of the kitchen and the glass stuff is on the other. :)

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

I totally agree that you can have overkill above the cabinets, I'm always debating on what to do with mine. Love yours though! I like your collection of white glass!

Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top said...

I have my glass jars and bottles above my cabinets and a couple decorative plates. I'm not too excited about it but I don't have anywhere else to put the stuff.

Erin said...

I have a small area on only one wall of my kitchen with space above the cabinets. Currently I have a small stack of vintage suitcases and a large glass lemonade dispenser full of faux lemons (I don't have room for it anywhere else). My ceilings are high, so only big things show up on top. But I would rather leave it empty than fill it with fake plants. And who gets up there and dusts all the stuff? I like your white dishes!

Hoosier at Heart said...

This post really cracks me up for a couple of reasons. I often wonder what to put up there in...well...that space. I don't like the fake plant thing and I'm not one for clutter. Also, and let me say this first, I like the way everything looks above your cabinets, I really do. But I do the same thing, I have the house just the way I want it and I like the way it looks and then I take a picture of it and it looks awful. It's always like seeing it through someone elses eyes. It looks so boring. I like your blog and will be back...and not just because my name is Holly too.