Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dishing It: Christmas Version

My friend Amanda is hosting a holiday party!  She asks the questions, and we discuss.


~Do you have any specific traditions that your family looks forward to each Christmas?

We aren’t usually able to get together with family for the holidays, so most of our Christmases are spent at home, just us.  We get up and open presents, I make a special breakfast (though it’s not always the same year to year), and the rest of the day is often spent in our pajamas, watching Christmas movies.  The few times that we have been out of town with family on Christmas day have been fun, but it just didn’t feel like “our” Christmas.  There have been several years when we have been with family within the week or two after Christmas, and I love that, but Christmas morning at our house with just the five of us has become our tradition.

024_21 Christmas morning 2006

~Is your tree real or fake?

I have always considered myself to be in the “real tree” camp.  We always had real when I was growing up, and did after we were married until the year Firstborn was one.  I think we were worried about him eating the needles or something.  Then we had an artificial one until 2006 when we went back to real.  However, I’m less than satisfied with this year’s tree, and I’m considering getting a nice fake one at the after Christmas sales.


(I guess it doesn’t look too bad in the photo.  It’s just kind of oddly shaped or something.)

~Do you have any favorite ornaments?

I love my silver Dollar Tree pinecones and my glass icicles.

xmas 002

~What's your favorite Christmas treat?

My grandma’s boiled custard.  It’s a beverage, kind of like eggnog, but no rum.  She made it every year, and most years I make a small batch for us.  It’s cold, sweet, creamy and vanilla-y.  Southern Comfort eggnog is the closest commercial offering I can find (it doesn’t have the same fake rum flavor as most eggnogs).

~Best Christmas gift you ever received?

This is really kind of sad.  Craig and I were just talking about this the other day.  We were a family of five children on a small-town preacher’s salary when I was growing up, and I just don’t remember getting anything fabulous for Christmas.  It’s not that Christmas was no fun, or that I didn’t get anything, just nothing that really knocked my socks off.  Craig got me a bread machine 13 years ago, and I still use it pretty frequently, so that’s probably been the best present as far as something I actually use.

~Coolest crafty thing you made or home decor thing you tried this Christmas season?

Only thing I made this year:  my wreath.


~Your favorite Christmas movie?

The Bishop’s Wife.


~Most difficult person you have to buy for?


~What's the number one thing on your kids'/husband's/wife's/significant other's list this year?

Craig never wants anything (see above), and the kids’ lists have been sort of vague and changeable this year.

~If Santa could bring you one big surprise this year, what would you want it to be?

The camera that makes every blogger who owns it a photography rockstar:  the Canon Rebel DSLR.



Paula said...

It's great that your family spends the day together and doesn't have to rush around to make visits. Your kids will certainly have fond memories of this.

I will have to say that I miss a real tree, but a faux one is a lot easier. Yours looks very pretty in the picture! My mom uses icicles like yours and that's one thing that I'd like to add to our tree.

I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Your tree is lovely! I love those pineconce ornaments too! I'd love a bread maker, I would certainly use it all the time. I think that's a great gift. I've not seen your favorite movie, I'll have to check it out.

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

My husband and I watched The Bishop's Wife just a couple of days ago. Absolutely love that movie!

Dawn said...

i've never seen the bishop's wife-i'll have to check netflix-your tree looks beautiful!

Richella said...

YES! Someone else who loves The Bishop's Wife! I just adore that movie. Cary Grant, David Niven, Loretta Young, Christmastime. . . what's not to love??

We have Christmas together, just the five of us, just like you! Its good to be home at Christmastime. :)

Kim's Treasures said...

Beautiful tree! When our kids were small, we all loved our family of 4 time on Christmas day! It was fun and relaxing!

April Westerhold said...

Your tree looks great. We have always had a fake tree but I think I want to try a real one next year. I'm a preacher's daughter, too!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, Holly, I think your tree looks great!!! The pine cones are really pretty. :) You know, we never had a huge Christmases growing parents just didn't want to spoil us. But my favorite was the Barbie Heart Family, which I had asked for for months. It was like winning the lottery for me. :)

I've never seen The Bishop's Wife...must add the to my list! :)

Thanks so much for linking up with me, friend. :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

So many people love the film The Bishop's Wife. I've only heard of it this year through blogging!! I think I'll try and watch it over Christmas!

I loved hearing about your traditions, Holly. And your lovely name comes into its own!! Hoho. (I bet you get tired of thatr joke this time of year?!)

We didn't get expensive presents when I was little either but I think it does make me appreciate the things I have now I'm a big grown-up girl!!


Michaela said...

Your tree is beautiful! And your kids are so cute. I always loved Christmas morning so much when I was little- I could barely sleep the night before haha!! I just got my Canon Rebel T1i and I absolutely LOVE it. It's awesome-- it makes my pictures look so much nicer and really improves the look of a blog (: I hope Santa is good to you!