Thursday, December 30, 2010

Overstock Update

Remember when I posted about the 10% off Overstock code that I was given, and how I had decided it was some kind of strange fraud?  I had emailed Elyse Malone, who originally contacted me with the "deal", and it seemed that her email wasn't working.

Well, I eventually did hear back from her.  Here is the transcript of our emails:
(me) gave me the code
for 10% off at Overstock, reusable and never expires.  I used it once
shortly thereafter, and it worked.

I tried to use it the other day and it didn't work.  I spoke with an Overstock representative, but they had no idea what I was talking about.

Can you give me any help with this?

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.  Once you use the discount code you are no longer able to use it from the same email address.


(me)Thanks for getting back to me.  It might have been helpful to mention the one per email address thing at the beginning.  You did assure me that it was reusable!
May I ask who you are?  Overstock doesn't seem to know anything about you.

I work for MSO marketing and work on behalf of


Before I heard back from Elyse, I also emailed Overstock to tell them about her, and I think they thought I was the wacko.  They seemed totally unconcerned, but neither did they say anything like "oh yes, we hired MSO marketing".

So, I don't think anything is really any clearer.  I didn't test out the different email with Overstock, because I'm still having computer issues and I'm trying to get this done quickly.  But I can tell you that I haven't had any problems from having used the code the first time.  Perhaps I'll give it a try next time I shop at Overstock, and let you know what happens. 

ETA:  I think I should mention that I like  I have purchased from them several times, and never had any trouble with the company itself.  I just thought this whole Elyse Malone thing was kind of strange, especially after I did some looking and many other bloggers were suspicious.  But as I said in previous posts, I was able to use the 10% off code once, and I never gave her any personal or financial info, so I really don't see how she could be benefit from it.  It's entirely possible that Overstock really did hire a marketing company, and that the customer service representative wouldn't necessarily know about that.


Anonymous said...

I have read a couple other bloggers who have dealt with her and after a while had some luck. She e-mailed me and I didn't even bother dealing with her. Sounds like a headache! I love overstock and talk about them a lot on my blog and also get a 10% coupon from them every so often in my e-mail so thats enough for me!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Still sounds fishy to me. I don't think I'd want to deal with either of them after your trouble!

Amanda said...

I got an email from her (well, someone)but I never posted the 10% code. I thought that I deserved more than 10% off my purchase for writing a post about it ( I was asked to pick a few items off of a list to talk about). Not to sound ungreatful or anything. And I'm glad I didn't because I've heard it's a pain in the neck! Hopefully some honest people will contact you! :) And I'm surprised didn't act concerned!!

Suzy @ Joy Is At Home said...

I got an email from someone about this also. It wasn't the same name, but I don't think her email was from the same marketing company. Weird! But the lady who emailed me was really fast at responding so I'm not sure! I never posted the code either.

I just found your blog & am a new follower!

Molly Green said...

I got that email as well. I thought it seemed strange and just deleted it. Hmmm...

Annette @ Designs By A Rose said...

I received an email from another marketing company on behalf of as well. The did say the 10% code was per email address. They also gave me a free shipping code for electronics. I didn't give out any of my info either. I am going to post about it, but will make mention that the readers should be cautious. As long as the code works the first time, I'd be happy.