Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cupcake T-Shirt

On a recent consignment store trip, I found a plain white t-shirt for Pinkerbelle for $1.  It was fine, but it was a perfect candidate for some embellishment.  I decided to do some freezer paper stenciling; it’s quick and easy and I hadn’t done any in a while.

I chose to do the totally trendy cupcake and free-handed a design (I did look at images online and based it on some of those).  Feel free to enlarge and use this image if you like.



I wanted to put a caption underneath and asked P. what she wanted it to say; she immediately said “sweet”.  My crafty cutter is an old fashioned model called  “x-acto”.  It’s a little more labor-intensive than the newer models, but effective nontheless.


I used metallic gold fabric paint for the cupcake wrapper and pulled a toothpick through it to create the lines.  Dimensional fabric paint was perfect for the sprinkles.



It’s always a little bit thrilling to pull off the freezer paper and see the result.



I let P. try it on before she went to bed.  She loves it, but she was being a goofball for the camera.



If you’d like more detail on the freezer paper stenciling procedure, see this post.


Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party


Paula said...

Very cute! It's great to see that those of us without a machine can still make a cute stencil with freezer paper and an x-acto knife. I'll bet I know what P. is wearing to school today!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, it's so cute!!! Holly, you did a great job. :) I'm impressed with the clean lines...I am the world's worst cutter ever! I never seem to be able to stay on the lines. :s Love the little sprinkles you added. :) Thanks for linking up!!

Anonymous said...

It looks pefect & could rival any crafty cutter anyday, seriously! I love it! And your daughter so cute it! :-)

FrouFrouBritches said...

That turned out adorable! I love it! Pinkerbelle looks to cute and I love her matching cupcake pants. Precious! I still haven't tried freezer paper stenciling. I've GOT to do that.

Country Dreaming said...

What a cute shirt and a creative idea!
Simple and to the point.


Shug said...

So cute. I think that Miss P was digging it too.
Thanks for sharing this simple but yet so cute idea with us...
Have a Blessed Easter.

laughwithusblog said...

Oh I just love them! SO adorable!

BabiesandBargains said...

Seriously looks like something you would see at Gymboree! Great job