Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whimsical Easter Tree


The inspiration for this project comes from my childhood memories of Easter.  My mom made a little Easter tree every year with forsythia from our yard and egg nests that she had made with colored eggshells, ribbon, and chicks.  The fragile eggshell nests were saved from year to year; I’m amazed that they lasted more than a year or two. 

How she did it with real eggshells, I don’t know, because I tried at least 6 times and could not crack an egg neatly down the middle to save my life.  After having a big breakfast of eggs, I decided I’d just have to use the plastic ones.  Much easier, if not quite as elegant. 


This project required plastic eggs, 3/8” ribbon, chicks, nesting material, a glue gun, and some kind of branches.  My color scheme of pink, orange, and white was dictated by the ribbon in the $1 bin at Michaels.  I also got a package of 15 tiny chicks for under $2 on sale.


Start by cutting a length of ribbon about 5” long and tacking with hot glue to opposite sides of the eggshell to form a loop.


Attach more ribbon horizontally around the top edge of the eggshell, covering the edges of the loop.


When you get all the way around, cut the ribbon so it overlaps the original edge by about 1/2”.  Fold that 1/2” over and glue it to itself to form a 1/4” tab.  Glue the tab down over the original raw edge.


This will give you a nice finished edge.


Tuck some moss or Easter grass into the egg, add a chick, then hang it on your branches.  I used my faux-sythia.


Voila!  A cutie-pie Easter tree!


Keep an egg carton to store your nests in for next year.



Leah said...

too cute!! my four year old would love doing this--hopefully we can find tiny birds in our town. we live 40 minutes from the nearest michaels (or hobby lobby or joanns) and gas is humming right along at $4/gallon! eek!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, Holly, this is precious!!! I think the plastic eggs are great for families with little kids who can't keep from touching (ie. mine). ;)

Anonymous said...

These are so stinkin' adorable! I love it! An what a cute quick gift that would make for a teacher to put in her classroom or something. :-)

Meg said...

Looks absolutely adorable! I love it!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Wanted to let you know I featured this post today, Holly! :) I really love this cute tree. :)

Shug said...

Very cute and such a smart way of adding some Easter decor to your home...Thanks for the lesson on how to put it all together...

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Holly! I love that I can see you fully in reader now! What a sweet idea and I love that it comes from your childhood memories. My kids would just love this. xo

laughwithusblog said...

Holly, these are adorable and actually a craft project that I could handle! :)

Anonymous said...

I made this today and, just like in the pictures, it's super cute. I didn't have the needed supplies on hand so I had to go buy some but even with that it was way under $20. Thanks for the tutorial!


Holly said...

Carrie, thanks for letting me know that you tried it! I'm so glad you had fun with it :)