Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day

Today is the last day of school.  That means it’s the last day of quiet.  But it’s also the first day of being able to sleep in, of not having to make school lunches, of not having scout or school activities, of afternoons at the pool…basically of just taking it easy.  I’m a big fan of unstructured time.

I’m not a fan of chaos, however.  So I’m going to let the kids decompress for a few days, while I work on some summer systems to implement.  Some things I need to address:

  • chores
  • bedtimes
  • how much tv time is allowed
  • a reward/consequence system for complaining, arguing and other poor behavior
  • a few planned activities


How do you handle summer?  Is it a free-for-all around your house, or do you have a plan?


The Cannary's said...

Our summers have evolved as the kids (now 21, 19, 15, 12) have grown. The first few years it closely resembled summer camp with planned activities, scouts, sports, field trips, menus, naps - the whole 9 yards. We did a tie dye shirt every year so we could find each other in a crowd. I took them to a lot of "free" places and we did picnics, museums, the pool, and library. I also bought Summer Bridge workbooks. They all four came with me to grocery shop, too. It was exhausting and fun! Nowadays, I plan what I can, just to keep the boredom at bay; $1 movies, pool, library... and there are only two for me to keep track of. And these two have band and scout camp this summer so that takes up a big chunk. Enjoy these summers while your kids are young and don't still have their driver's licenses...(:

Sandra said...

I have two teenage boys still at home. Their ages are 17 & 19. I work during the day, so my problem is them staying up late & sleeping all day. I have tried to enforce a bedtime for them, and I've told them that they at least need to be up by noon. In the past, they have gotten their days and nights mixed up. The 19 y/o is working part-time now, so that should help. We'll see if this summer is any different.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I hear you!! As I type this, the girls just got over an argument. I love not having to do the preschool drop-offs, but the bickering is getting on my nerves.

Richella said...

Sounds like you and I feel the same way about summer. My guys finished school just before Memorial Day. Last week was completely unstructured--time to catch up on sleep, decompress, etc. But now I'm ready for some structure! My guys are much older than yours, of course, but I think kids of all ages thrive with some structure to their days. I'll be interested to read what you figure out.

{northern cottage} said...

today was the first day of summer break for us here too! Same path...letting it just fly for a couple days and gear up for summer stuff...can't wait to see how you address your bullet list (tv time limits, reward/conseq, etc.) so I can copy you!

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

We started summer about ten days ago!! I have been sick for the last ten days...which I rarely get sick so it's been amazing to see my two kidos {12 and 7} actually be so helpful. Had to go to Costco and my son pushed the cart, loaded, unloaded, put away. My daughter mopped all the floors while I laid on the couch trying to rest. I'm amazed and blessed.

Anyway, I have a summer "schedule". It's here:

I need a little structure, but agree that I've let us all decompress and enjoying it!

Becky B.
Organizing Made Fun

Country Dreaming said...

Since it is just me--I do things, then some free time, do things then free time.

I think one needs a mix of both since it is summer.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan you have going! Let us know how it works out :-) I'm sure the kiddes are extatic to be off for the summer now.