Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks: Donating to Thrift Stores

You all know that I love to hit the thrift stores, for everything from clothing to household goods to decorating stuff.  But when those clothes have been grown out of, or I decide to change my decorating, I also donate to the thrift stores.

Make donating easier by keeping a clean trash can or box in the garage, lined with a trash bag.  As you come across an item to donate, toss it in.  When the bag is getting full, transfer it to your car and drop it off at the nearest thrift store next time you're out.

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Paula said...

I don't have a garage, but I do something similar to you and keep a bag in one closet upstairs. Everything to donate goes there and when it's full, I drop it off. You probably fill yours more quickly than we do since you have growing kids in the house!

stephaniegiese said...

Hi Holy! Thanks for hosting again. I would love to link up, but I'm having a little bit of trouble this week. Would you mind adding my link when you get a chance?


Richella said...

This is a great tip, Holly. . . just keeping a container lined with a trash bag ready to receive anything I want to toss in would be an excellent solution for me. And then when it was full all I'd have to do is pick up that bag and go! This is the kind of simple, easy solution I need. Sometimes my brain just won't quite figure out the simple way to do something, so I am thankful for people who will share their great ideas!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

That's a great idea! We don't have a garage, and I have been tossing stuff on top of the dryer. :s I like to catalog everything we donate to get the tax write-off, so I always hem and haw before I actually go through it all.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I had three trash bags ready to go to the donation place and I pulled them back out for a garage sale this weekend....and then ended up donating them anyway. Donating seems to be way better than garage sales, at least for me.

Great tip because otherwise, your closet ends up looking like mine and you have to pull everything out and go through it. It's much easier just to put it in the bag when you realize it's not working for you anymore.