Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Plan Mini-Series: Rules and Consequences

{This is the second in a series of three posts; the first was Kids’ Chores and the third will be Fun Stuff on Monday.}

I’ve got to admit that this one is more difficult for me.  I’m good at making rules, but I’m not the best at doling out consequences.  I tend to just get mad and make threats, which really isn’t doing anyone any good and will make for an unhappy summer.  Hence the system; it lets everybody know what they’re supposed to do, including me.

  • no TV or screen time before noon
  • morning chores (chore wheel, make bed, etc) need to be done by 9:00 am
  • I will supervise chore sticks between 9-10:00 am
  • no complaining
  • no arguing/bickering

  • if morning chores are not done by 9:00, no TV/screen time for the day
  • if there are complaints about chores or being asked to do anything, pull a job from the complaint jar
  • if two or more kids are bickering, they will do an activity together until they can do so pleasantly
The complaint jar contains more craft sticks with chores that only need to be done occasionally (and several of them are slightly more unpleasant than the everyday jobs.)  Some examples:  clean out van, sweep porch, wash kitchen table legs and chairs, wash front windows, wipe baseboards.

For bickering, the offenders will pull one stick from either the complaint jar or the boredom jar (the boredom jar contains fun activities; more on that Monday).  Then they will do that activity together.  If they continue to argue, then they will continue pulling chores (only from the complaint jar this time) and working together until they can do it without conflict.

This method is untested in this household, so we’ll see how it goes.  Making them work together could either be genius or a disaster.  My hope is that after any of the consequences have been exacted a couple of times, the offending behavior will occur less and less frequently, ultimately leading to world peace.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good too me! The complaint jar is genius I think! For your sanity's sake this summer, I pray that this works like a charm for you all :-)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

We don't do do TV in the mornings here either, unless I leave them with T and have to run out for a few minutes. :s Love the idea of a consequence jar!!

Shug said...

Great ideas....I need this yesterday.
Had two of my grandchildren here and by the end of the day, they were getting tired of one another..
Thanks for posting..

Tricia said...

These are such great ideas! As my girls get older, the prospect of a Summer of being together (them) terrifies me more and more. ;) A friend on fb said she instituted a "you fight, and you will sit and hug each other until you can be nice" rule. I love that idea, but my girls would probably get quite a few good sucker punches in during that time, as well. lol! I hope that the beginning of your summer has been good to you. My girls still have 7.5 days of school left. Then the fun (madness) begins.

Carolyn S. said...

Thank you for posting. I may borrow your ideas to reign in the troublemakers in our house this summer!

Sommer said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm writing it all down after an argument with the hubby about creating a better schedule with the kids. I hate summers, too much tv, video games, boredom, fighting. There is not enough structure and we all go crazy. So this is a life saver!

Deanna said...

I make the kids earn screen time.

Besides chores etc the 7 yr old has to do 1 worksheet of math to earn computer. If he wants tv or gameboys he has to do the math and another worksheet of my choosing (for the past week it has been make a father's day card & write an essay about dad - sure hope it gets done before father's day)

jessicarney said...

My aunt used to make my cousins sit on the love seat together and watch Brother Bear when they'd bicker, lol. She said they needed to learn how to appreciate having a brother