Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knock-Off Party!


My project this month was inspired by Restoration Hardware’s Key Art.  I guess this has been around for a while, but somehow I just recently noticed it in catalog.  They are sold out now, but the price was $199 each!  These were genuine vintage skeleton keys mounted on white linen in an 18.5” square frame.


Screen Captures1


I was looking for a quick project, and since I didn’t have any skeleton keys, nor did I want to run all over town searching for some, I decided to go a different route.    I found some uncopyrighted photos of skeleton keys and printed them out (okay, I was certain they weren’t copyrighted, but now I’m second-guessing myself.  These aren’t going anywhere except my walls, but I don’t want to break any laws.  So I’m in a bit of a conundrum here—don’t turn me in!) 

Looking through my stash of frames, I found this set of 3 square black frames that I got at Target’s Dollar Spot a few years ago and never used.  They are about 6” square, and I was just going to frame the keys and be done with it. 



Then while I was out today I decided to stop by Dollar Tree on the outside chance that they would have some larger square frames, and wouldn’t you know it, they did!  They had a single pane of glass with the collage and the stand glued on either side of the glass.  They came off very easily and I scraped off the remaining adhesive residue with a razor.



Using a screwdriver, I removed all the hardware from the back of the smaller frames.



Lacking any white linen, I instead used burlap and hot-glued it into the inset on the back of the larger frames.  I also reused the hanging ribbons from the smaller frames by gluing them on, although I should have shortened the ribbon and attached them higher.




Next, I hot-glued the smaller frame to the front of the glass. 

Not quite as elegant as the originals, but then again, these cost me under $2 each, so I figure I “saved” around $594!






Your turn!

Linky rules (for full details see this post):

  • your knock-off entry must be made by you
  • it must inspired by Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, or Restoration Hardware
  • you must include a picture of the original item from the catalog so we can compare
  • it must be a specific comparable item, like my lamp shade, and not just a “this kind of has the PB look to it”
  • you must link back to me in your post, preferably using my button code, which you can get in my right side column
  • link to your specific party post, and not your general home page
  • please be polite and visit several other participants and leave a nice comment

I’m going to leave this open until Sunday night, but will do a highlight post on Friday.

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Kristin said...

I like the burlap better than the linen!

Paula said...

Layering the two frames together really gives your art some depth. Using a key print was smart because when you need a change, you can switch out the print for something else.

Jaime said...

Holly love the double frame idea and of course anything with burlap melts my heart. Great take on RH idea for fraction of the cost.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Holly, I like your version better! Great job. :) You should submit this to Knock Off Decor. :)

Nadir@StitchSense said...

What a great idea! I love that the little frame pops out of the big one too. They look great!

Happy Mama said...

I like your version a lot better!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Your knock off turned out great!

Leah said...

this looks great! i don't have any knockoffs to post but one day i might get around to copying your knock off! love it!

Ruth said...

These are such a cute idea. I love skeleton keys. I did a transformation not too long ago with some keys I picked up at AC Moore.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hey, Holly! Just wanted to let you know I featured this post today. :)

Kristy Carberry said...

Great job! Thanks for sharing!

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Those turned out awesome!

Kari said...

What a cute idea! I love the milk ware....would love to add them to my collection! Thanks for all you do!

Jessica said...

This is very cool, great job!