Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Wreaths

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Now on to the wreaths…my door has been bare for the last couple of weeks since I took down the Valentine wreath.  Today I did a little looking for some inspiration for something new to hang on the door.  Since Easter is late this year (April 24), there’s plenty of time for a spring wreath that isn’t Easter-y. 

The last few years my spring wreath has been my ever-so-versatile grapevine wreath (before its haircut) with faux forsythia tucked in it, but I’m always open for something new.




Better Homes and Gardens has instructions for making this gorgeous kitty willow wreath (you can insert the correct word; I didn’t want any unsavory ads showing up).  {Heart} this!  I’ve always loved the soft silvery buds.




Pottery Barn is offering this pretty dried lavender wreath for $49, but I imagine we could make it for less than that, don’t you?




You can find this  spring green wreath on Amazon.  I think this would be pretty easy to make, and the bright green would stand out against my black door.




This dogwood wreath has a natural wild look to it that would work really well with my grapevine wreath.  Maybe I’ll give it another makeover.




How do you decorate your front door for spring?


Paula said...

I haven't yet changed my front door to spring. I'd like to do something like your Forsythia wreath or like the Dogwood one at the bottom of your post. If I could make time to get to a craft store for supplies, I'd be set.

Melinda said...

I haven't yet. However, I have a primitive 'swag' - the kind that lays over your mantle. It is cream color. I shaped it into a circle and clasped it - and I decorate it with different ribbons and things for each holiday/season. So, I think I may take some pastel, shiny egg garland that I saw at my local dollar store and wrap around it. It will look super cute then! ;)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

This is really, really embarrassing. :s I still have the Vday wreath up!! I don't have a "transitional" wreath. I need something to take me from Valentine's to Spring. I'm not quite ready for bunnies and eggs and flowers yet. I like the lavender!

Greg, Libby and Baby Mason! said...

I LOVE the wreath idea!! i saw the lavender wreath and wanted it sooo bad but was not willing to pay the $49 they asked for it!! Do you know where we can get the live lavender that will smell fab to make the wreath with? thanks holly!!!!

FrouFrouBritches said...

I love them all!!! I still have the same burlap wreath on my door that I made last year. I never even put up a Christmas wreath. I desperately need to do something different. I love all the ones you showed!! Gorgeous!!!

Mary Joy said...

I've got one for St. Patty's Day. Its cute with wooden shamrocks all over it. I got it on clearance at Joann's Fabric last Spring.

Love the kitty willow one though. That's my favorite!!! :D

Shug said...

I shopped this past weekend for something unique to place on my two front doors. I love having two doors, but it can become costly...I am kinda fond of dogwoods for this time of year.

Hope to have something up by the end of the week.
Have a great evening..