Friday, March 11, 2011

Non Sequiturs

Okay, ya’ll, I’ve hit the wall!  I’m so done with winter!  It’s gotten progressively colder, grayer and more miserable this week, and I’ve just had all I can take.  The last couple of days I’ve been in a major funk.  I’d love to just crawl into bed and stay there until the sun is shining and it’s at least 65 degrees.




Thanks for all your suggestions earlier in the week about what to order from CSN.  I ended up ordering the Hamilton Beach 10-cup Food Processor.  It had good reviews everywhere I looked.  It was about $50 including shipping, so I did have to pay some out of pocket, but if it makes my job easier in the kitchen, it’s worth it.  I was wishing I had it today when I was tediously chopping onion, carrots, celery and chicken for chicken noodle soup.  Once I’ve tested it out, I’ll let you know how it performs.


10-CupFood Processor in White


One thing I will say is that I’m not overly impressed with CSN’s price-matching policy.  I requested a price match on several items, and most of them came back with a flat-out “no”.  I’m thinking that if the lower priced website you direct them to is Amazon, it’s an automatic denial.  They did offer me a price match on this item to Walmart’s price, sort of (they included shipping and handling in their calculations, but I could have picked it up at the store for free).  But then when I tried to use it, I couldn’t use the price match and the $35 promo code at the same time.


Yesterday I received a package from philosophy.  Back around Christmas, a lot of bloggers (I think it was a “favorite things” party) were going on about Amazing Grace fragrance.  So, when philosophy offered free shipping on any order a week or two ago, I ordered the smallest available.  It’s been years since I’ve worn perfume at all, but I thought this might be a nice little pick-me-up.  Well, I’ve got it on now, and I’m not sure what I think of it.  I don’t dislike it, but it wasn’t love-at-first-sniff either.  Maybe I’m just not used to being able to smell myself every time I move.


Do you wear a fragrance?  What’s your favorite?


Fullscreen capture 3102011 105644 PM.bmp


hawkeyejlp said...

Glad you found something to order with the credit!

I wore Calvin Klein Escape years ago and just returned to it...I like it but am still open to the search for a signature scent.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I wear Ralph Lauren Romance every day. I can't smell it, but I picked it out back in college b/c I liked the pink box. ;) T likes how it smells. :)

Cannary Family said...

I wear Rapture by Victoria's Secret, but my daughter told me that years ago when I came to kiss her goodbye for the morning, it gave her a headache! Still, I love it...I think it would be nice to find a new one, but I have to use up what I have first. And I love Bath and Body Work's Velvet Tuberose and Sensual Amber, too.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I do not use perfume anymore. The scents really started to bother me. And btw, everyone's body chemistry interacts with a fragrance. So something that smells divine on you might not be as good on someone else.


Elise and Ella-Jean said...

I've worn Chanel Chance for 10 years now. No matter what kind of morning I'm having, when I spray it it puts me in a better mood. It is quite expensive, but you get what you pay for!

Anonymous said...

I love Very Sexy 2 from Vicky Secret.

Mom to Many said...

I hope your weekend is better Holly.
I am coming to the end of my funk. I am adjusting to the idea of being 40. Giggle.
I think you will enjoy your food processor.


Country Dreaming said...

Most fragrances bother my allergies but I do
wear Bath and Body Works--Warm Vanilla Sugar.


Mary Joy said...

Hopefully the sun will shine where you are this weekend! We have pretty weather here today and we are taking the kids to the park/playground this afternoon to play and have a soon as we finish our chores! lol

hmmm Fragrances...I am hooked on Mary Kay's Velocity. Its light...and my hubby LOVES it on me. :D its a energetic citrusy scent.

I don't wear it everyday...sometimes I don't wear fragrances...but when I do...that's my favorite and it makes my husband CRAZY...LOL So its his favorite too!

Building Home with Him,

Mary Joy

Melissa Miller said...

Holly I hear you on winter. I think we are all ready for a lovely new season. Hurry spring!

I had Amazing Grace and did not care for it all that much either. I've heard that Pure Grace is even better. Like fresh soap and water. I'm going to try it soon. I like Vanilla scents but usually only wear lotion. I've changed over the years. Back in the day I wore the strong stuff. Yikes. I'm sure it was too strong.

Have a blessed Sunday.
Warmly, ~Melissa

PS I enjoyed my visit to you beautiful blog.
I'll be back again!