Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday's Tips and Tricks Party

Okay, everybody, I've decided to open up the Monday party to any kind of tips, not just money-saving, in the hopes that more of you will be able to participate.  Kind of like that other party that has been around for a while and is on Wednesdays that I used to participate in until it got so large that it was hardly worth it.  I'm not discouraging you from taking part in that party, and I'm certainly not trying to overtake the throne that party sits on; I'm just offering a smaller venue for your brilliant ideas.  Sometimes it's easier to get noticed in a smaller crowd.

Here's my tip for today:

You know how plastic can get stained, and even the dishwasher doesn't totally get it out?  I have a couple of white plastic cutting boards that often get stained when I cut fruit or veggies on them.  I also have some white plastic mixing bowls that can be stained by a fruit salad, or from the popcorn seasoning my son likes to use.

At some point, I got the idea to spray these items with a household cleaner with bleach right before I pop them in the dishwasher (I just use Walmart's brand).

They come out sparkling, snowy white!  It also gives me extra peace of mind when I've used a cutting board for meat.  (To be fair, the top photo is rinsed but hasn't been through the dishwasher, so it wouldn't be quite that bad if it had gone through without the bleach spray, but the stain would still be visible.)

I'll work on getting code for my new button.  For now

  • share a tip that makes your life easier
  • you must link back to me in your post
  • link to your specific party post, and not your general home page
  • please be polite and visit several other participants and leave a nice comment
  • I will delete entries that don’t link back to me or do not fit the party theme
Linky open until Monday Jan. 17 at 11:59 pm central.


Anonymous said...

I joining today! Thought I'd share my lemon tip- a great Candied Lemon Peel recipe!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

That's a great tip, Holly! I think I even have some of that cleaner. :) Hope your week is off to a great start!!

Lisa said...

Fun idea for a link party! I added one of my favorite tips posts.

The Cannary's, est. 1984 said...

I am a big believer in bleach spray and my sister even puts a little bleach in her dishwasher when she runs a load of stained tupperware. Works great and smells CLEAN!

stephaniegiese said...

That's a great tip! I'm linking up this week too.

Richella said...

Good for you, Holly! I think that opening up your Monday party is a really good idea. I agree that the Wednesday party is wonderful, but it's gotten to be so big that it's hard to participate in any way. You're so smart!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hi Holly, that's a great idea. It's also good to know the Walmart product works well.

Anonymous said...

Great tip Holly.